So Why read online reviews?

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Reading a review or reviews is helpful for anyone who is deciding they might like to have eyelash extensions. They may even be ready to make a purchase but want to find out all they can about different styles and options of service open to them.
That is where a review can inform them. A potential consumer can choose go to a particular brand site or shopping site such as Amazon and read personal reviews of specific products in a certain category. The other option is going to a review site solely dedicated to the subject; but with a lot more content to consider.
A particularly well written review may sway a customer to buy or not to buy a product. However, reviews are subjective by their very nature. For every review that gives a product five stars, others may find one that gives it one star. As always remember that reviews are a personal testament and the person writing the review may have been expecting a lot more than the product could actually deliver. When reading and assessing a review for one's own personal guidance using a modicum of caution and a lot of common sense is always advised.
Positive or negative reviews can have a major bearing on sales. A positive review for a product or service can really help to sell that product. These types of reviews are known as social proof. A classic example of this type of review is Amazon. [as mentioned earlier] People tend to trust them because they believe they come from honest people who have tried the product and either loved it or hated it. So, the point of reading reviews in general is to get an idea of the quality of a product before someone goes ahead and actually purchases it.
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The eyelash growth products may have the following side effects. Red eyes, inflammation, a burning feeling and itchiness are some of the side effects. These are however temporally and disappear after a short while once you stop using the product.
Contact lenses indicate that your eyes require special care. The eyelash growth product for you must be sensitive or custom built. This prevents the product from destroying and discoloring your contacts when applied. If the growth product is not suitable for application with your contacts on, then remove them and apply the product. Once dry, put the contacts back on. This preserves the contact lenses and you too.

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