Wood floor waxing maintenance

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Step1: Clean the floor
Before waxing, do not use a cloth containing chemicals to clean the floor, which can lead to poor adhesion of the floor wax. Before waxing, the floor surface must be cleaned of rubbish and dust,Waterproof Wood-Plastic Composite Decking For Sale
either with a vacuum cleaner or with a diluted neutral detergent.
Step2: Dry the floor
After cleaning, to carefully check the dry surface of the floor, especially the residual part of the trench detergent, otherwise it will lead to the surface whitening,wholesale pvc fence panels suppliers

bulging, until the water is completely dry after waxing, depending on the season, the required drying time is also different Summer generally only 10 to 20 hours.
Step3: waxing
Shake the container with the floor wax, and stir it evenly, before the overall waxing in the room can be partially unobtrusive trial to confirm no abnormalities and then the overall waxing. Then use a clean rag or a dedicated waxed mop to fully dip floor wax, carefully applied in accordance with the direction of the wood floor of the floor,cheap porch floor non-slip

do not leak coated or uneven thickness, the key is to keep waxing uniform thickness. Do not lay the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce marks and circles marks. Finally polished with imported machinery polishing, so the floor will look more bright.
Be careful when waxing
Waxing wood floor finish, wait for the floor to dry and then walk on it. Floor waxing is to wax the cured air, water vapor, dust, at the same time play a non-slip, anti-wear, anti-static effect,composite4x8 boat deck material

so as to better maintain the floor, to extend the life of the floor. However, according to professionals, in the process of waxing the wood floor,home depot balcony installation price

the chemical substances in the floor wax are volatilized into the air, and even in a narrow space, the concentration of chemical substances can even reach the flammable level.
Therefore, when consumers choose to wax, remember not to close the windows and doors, keep indoor ventilation, making chemical substances can not be accumulated in the air; In addition, waxing in the wood floor process, avoid smoking or use open flame, so as not to cause deflagration.

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