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Sports Physiotherapy is the specialised division of physiotherapy that addresses injuries and issues experienced by athletes.

It is important to know that sports injuries do vary from day-to-day injuries. Sportsmen normally require active performance Authentic Christian Djoos Jersey , and the demands placed upon their body stress their muscles, joints and bones to the limit. Sports physiotherapists assist sportsmen to recover from sports injuries, and offer training and resources to help stop recurrence of problems.

Every sports physiotherapist will possess sport specific knowledge which addresses acute, chronic and overuse injuries endured in sports for example football, soccer, cricket, hockey and basketball. It is for this purpose that it is crucial that you speak with a sports physiotherapist that knows the complicated nature of your particular sport.

Sports Physiotherapists possess in depth understanding of the latest evidence-based practice, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, and are qualified in making use of efficient ‘hands-on’ management strategies and workout practices to help recuperation and avoid injury.

Management of Sports Injuries
Treatment of sports injuries is best undertaken by a physiotherapist who is either a sports physiotherapist or a physiotherapist with a sharp focus in sports injuries, usually with a background in sports injury and management.

A Sports injury facility encompasses the disciplines of sports medicine, sports physiotherapy, sports massage and sports rehabilitation to take care of the sporting injury holistically. Albany Creek Physiotherapy is pleased to present these services and regularly achieves incredible outcomes by utilising such a multi-disciplinary strategy.
Quick Action: The True Secret To Minimising Sporting Injuries

If you should happen to injure yourself on the sporting field, be sure to take fast measures. Ice the area to lower swelling and call your sports physiotherapist for proper care. It is our aim to evaluate you as early as practical following a sport injury, and we urge you to contact us as early as you can.

A correct evaluation and diagnosis from your Albany Creek Sports Physiotherapist would decide the most appropriate method of treatment which can be specially tailored to the person in order to get the best recovery possible. Our aim is to assist you achieve your goal – to get back to your chosen sport fast!

Albany Creek Sports Physiotherapy – call us on (07) 3264 1499 or visit us online at www.actionphysiotherapy.au

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