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As women begin exploring the world of sports and exercise their sports medicine has become more important. Besides all of the potential benefits of physical activity http://www.nhlpredatorsteamshop.com/ryan-ellis-predators-jersey-c-7/ , there are certain risks involved which make it necessary for women to watch out for these issues. From time to time you will be able to handle these yourself with the right information, although there will no doubt be times when you need to consult a physician or sports medicine specialist. The information that follows relates to some health and sports related concerns many women have been affected by that are something to be aware of.

Knee injuries are a common problem in sports, and women are especially susceptible to these. These injuries can happen at any age, from girls playing in school teams to women going to the gym, the most common injuries relate to the ACL or anterior cruciate ligament. This type of injury is ten times more likely in women than in men although health experts arenít necessarily sure why, so it is crucial for you to be aware of this as a vulnerability. Consult a physician skilled in sports medicine if you have any knee pain and limit or discontinue all exercise until you are sure itís safe to resume. When it comes to injuring your knees, it can cause additional damage if you keep playing or working out when thereís a problem. Since your trainer, coach and physician are skilled in advising you how best to move to avoid knee injury itís important to heed their advise. Women start to lose muscle mass every year starting around their mid thirties. Your metabolism will begin to slow around this time as well. This is natural, but it can lead to some unwanted consequences. One of these side effects is weight gain which is why more exercise and a healthier diet around this time is so important. Once youíve reached this stage it will be helpful to add weight training and resistance training to your exercise regimen. This type of exercise counteracts the slowing down of your metabolism and helps you burn fat more efficiently. You should also consider decreasing the amount of fatty foods and carbohydrates or sugars you are eating every day.

Many women notice an absence of or decrease in periods during times of vigorous exercise. This condition occurs most often when the body is not obtaining adequate nutrition, your doctor may refer to it as amenorrhea. Although many believe this is nothing to worry about and in fact normal for athletes itís been associated with decreased bone density and increased potential for injury. Consult your doctor if this happens to you and begin decreasing the intensity of your training. If youíre a woman who goes to the gym or jogs a few times per week this probably wonít occur, but itís fairly common among women who are extremely active in sports.

In conclusion, womenís sports medicine can involve many different issues, and depending on factors such as your age and the type of activities or sports youíre involved with, you may have one or more of the concerns weíve covered in this article. A common sense approach to sports safety is the best way to avoid injury although consulting a doctor whoís knowledgeable about sports medicine can yield some good advice on avoiding unnecessary trips to the doctor.

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