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Traversing buy cheap wow gold the 10 floor trek that is the Dungeons of Dredmor can be a daunting task for even the best players in this unforgiving roguelike crawler. Looking to explore the lethal maze and prevent permadeath from ruining your day? Check out this handy Dungeons of Dredmor survival guide.

Monster Zoos: Monster Zoos are rooms containing huge, throbbing masses of things looking to kill you. If you've just opened the door to one, there's usually an opportunity to simply close the door before the throng of creatures begins to spill out into the dungeon space. If you've kicked down the door or let them start funneling out, try to contain them utilizing other doors in the area.

Monster Zoos can be an excellent form of experience if you're ready to handle them, especially if your character is built to dish out some area of effect damage. Your best bet is to find a choke point where only one monster can attack you at a time and hunker down as you fight off the swarm, this will be especially useful against boss creatures, of which Monster Zoos can feature two or more. And this brings us to the next tip, which is an integral part of Dungeons of Dredmor survival

Always have an escape route: There are going to be situations you encounter in the dungeon halls where death is imminent, always have ways to get out of potentially lethal situations and don't hesitate to use them. Invisibility potions and mushrooms, teleportation potions and spells are all excellent options when things get out of control. Several skill trees such as Artful Dodger or Mathemagic contain useful abilities to ensure that you will always have an escape choice even if your inventory is dry.

You can sell things! It's not immediately apparent, but players can indeed sell items to the shopkeeper. Simply drag the item over him and select to sell the item. Artifacts are worth quite a bit, as are gems and wands so pick those up even if you're not planning on using them.

Clear out entire floors if you can: The extra experience and loot make clearing out entire floors a good idea, when possible. There will be situations where traps or wandering monsters make this impossibility, but consider it a general rule. There are also floors that may contain monsters specifically dangerous to your build or armor, so those floors you'll want to pass through as quickly as possible you can always come back later once you're a bit stronger. In the later stages of the game, it can be effective to "work" two or three floors at once instead of focusing on a single floor.

Invisible creatures: The first floor you're likely to encounter an invisible creature is 5, and it can be a lethal proposition if you're not prepared. The possibility of Diggle Commandos and to a lesser extent invisible leprechauns later in the game needs to be factored in every time you open a door on floors featuring these creatures they tend to hit very hard and need to be factored in to your battle plans.

Squid: The squid on the ice floor can be very dangerous due to their blinding ink. Avoid melee range with these creatures if at all possible.

Arch Diggles: The Arch Diggles on floor 10 hit as hard (or harder!) as bosses. If you're going to engage in melee range with these creatures take note that they can tear through even a heavily armored body in just a few attacks.

Uberchests: Uberchests often contain powerful artifacts, but won't be unlocked when you run across them. Note their location, and come back later after you've pulled every lever on the floor.

Sidequest Shrines: Depending on how your power level looks, it may be in your best interests to NOT trigger every sidequest shrine you come across. Although the rewards are often nice, it may not be a good idea to unleash more bosses on a floor you're already struggling with. Use sidequest shrines only when you're confident you can handle what they can let loose.

Food and Drink Machines: Depending on how smooth your dungeon crawl goes, you may find yourself in need of health or mana consumables. These machines do not restock over the course of the game, but players can head back to floor one or two to find machines they probably didn't have the need or money to use when they originally found them. If you're expecting to go all the way, it's not a bad idea to mark these machines on your map and head back to load up on their stock when you have more resources at your disposal.

Anvils of Krong: Anvils of Krong can bestow extremely powerful stat boosts and procs to weapons and armor, but there is a risk that Krong will curse your goods as well. If you're already sporting quality gear, it's best to use a strong base item on these instead of risking having your livelihood ruined by Krong's vengeful hand.

Lord Dredmor: The best way to square off with the boss to end all bosses is to utilize a teleporter. Down every power boosting consumable you can, head into the teleporter and get a few hits off. Run back into the teleporter, heal up, and rinse and repeat. In order to heal up and fight efficiently, try and make sure both teleporter locations are within closed door areas so other creatures don't interfere with your final battle in Dungeons of Dredmor.

Survival in the Dungeons of Dredmor is never guaranteed, but a player's chances can be greatly improved if they know what to expect. Got a tip you'd like to see in the survival guide?

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