MF car battery storage skills

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Winter is not a good reason for any maintenance-free lead acid battery storage because the cold weather affects its performance. For
motorcycle batteries, it not only should be removed from the motorcycle in the winter, but it should be stored in a location that is warmer than 32 degrees. It keeps the battery from freezing or cracking. In fact, the high performance car battery is all the same.
dry car battery
is automatically recharged when the car is in operation. However, it just accelerates its demise when it is left unused in the cold. When you store a 12V car battery and not give it a fully charge, it will self discharge quickly. You'd better store the MF car battery after a fully charge to avoid over discharge.
If you don't want to remove the battery from the car, it's good to store the car in a dry garage from auto battery manufacturerwith good ventilation. Of course, the best way is to remove the automotive battery for a better storage. Please remember that never store the battery on a concrete or metal surface, which can cause it short circuit or accelerate the discharging of the battery over time. Regular charging ensures a long life for yourauto car battery, even when it's stored.
That's all what I know at present. Maybe there is a better way to store the maintenances-free car battery that I don't know, but it doesn't matter, I think you will tell me or leave me a message. Wait for your next visit.

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