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Linklater leading U.S. host a one-day visit a child, asked him: "Do you want to grow up as what way?" The kids innocently replied: "ah ...... I want to be RS Gold the aircraft's pilot!" Linke Wright then asked: "If one day, your aircraft to fly over the Pacific Ocean all engines and died, how would you do?" The kids thought: "I ??will first tell the person sitting on the plane tie belt, and then I hung up my parachute jump out. "

When the audience burst out laughing when Linklater continue watching this child, to see that he is not smarty. Unexpectedly, two lines and then the child's tears welling, this makes Linklater found that this child's heart of compassion far beyond WOW Gold description. So Linklater asked him: Why do you want to do? "Child's answer revealed the child sincere thoughts:" I want to get fuel, I would like to come back! "

This is "the art of listening." First, listen Do not listen Runescape Gold to half. Second, do not put their own meaning to the words of others projected on top. To learn to listen, listen carefully, humbly listen.

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