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  • innovation of the flooring companiesDateWed Apr 18, 2018 7:04 am

    innovation of the flooring companies
    flooring industry has faced an extraordinary period this year. Raw materials have risen. Although the floor industry has experienced price increases, the increase has not been significant. The entire flooring industry has entered a micro-profit era. Although the decoration season has arrived, the raw material problems faced by the flooring industry are still not met. Effective relief. In this special environment, how do the flooring companies
    turn around in order to achieve a curve? Overtake the eye-catching new products from consumers, no matter which industry sticks to conventions, it is impossible to achieve development, and ultimately escape the destiny of being eliminated. Only companies that continue to break through and have the courage to innovate will survive, and the flooring industry is no exception. If the flooring industry is to develop, it will require the continuous
    innovation of the flooring companies and the constant introduction of new ideas and new technologies. Such as: Hongnai constellation floor in the common hope of everyone on September 10 officially listed; Lianfeng Almighty King floor in this most special time, high-profile approaching the consumer's attention. Raw materials rose, profits were compressed The entire flooring industry has entered the era of micro-profits. This is both an
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  • amboo flooring and other productsDateTue Apr 17, 2018 3:52 am

    building has received more and more attention. Big brands strengthen the absolute control of the national market, actively expand the global distribution, and extend to the upstream of the industrial chain. The small and medium floor brands adhere to the regional market and become stronger, creating regional high-end brands and gradually pushing them to the national market. In the channel, due to the impact of logistics, market share, and
    economic development speed, the secondary and tertiary markets will continue to be the main battlefield in the next five years, and the sales channels will be gradually diversified; companies will continue to expand their product lines and products will gradually include laminate flooring, Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, bamboo flooring and other products; large-scale enterprises control the industrial chain, through the establishment of
    raw material bases or joint ventures with large-scale raw material production companies to improve comprehensive profits.Usually, summer is considered as the off-season in the home improvement market, and in July and August, it is a crucial moment to test the confidence and patience of floor companies. However, in the summer of this year, it was filled with a thick "paste of gunpowder". No company showed the slightest relaxation and
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  • quality laminate flooring cannot be boughtDateThu Apr 12, 2018 3:12 am

    since now, due to the shortage of raw materials, the price trend has been very stable, ranging from 100 yuan to 1,000 yuan per square meter, and 100 yuan to 200 yuan per square meter The price comparison has been recognized by consumers. In the face of the upcoming “11,” several well-known solid wood flooring brands have stated that they will not conduct price promotions. In terms of competition, service and quality are the main
    means as far as possible. A person in charge of Chint Wood stated that during the National Day, they will formulate "package services" based on the size of the customer's different types of flats, and give certain benefits, but they will not simply cut sales. The industry believes that in 2003 will be the reshuffle of wood flooring. Many small brands must be eliminated or merged. This reshuffle will first be reflected in the strength of the company,
    followed by the price, quality and service of the product. During the "3·15" period this year, iconic and other well-known enterprises have sincerely reminded consumers that five kinds of poor quality laminate flooring cannot be bought. At the same time, many companies also introduced new products, which made people feel that the wood flooring brand has abandoned the blind price reduction strategy. In addition, quality and service
    began to start an article. Anti-microbial sports staged on the floor The floor is not so much a "fight for September this year's busy season," it is better to say that it is a considerable level of "floor high-tech" strength contest. First of all, Shengda launched the "anti-bacterial" floor in July, firing the first shot of marketing in the flooring industry. The propaganda campaign of the business is "in full swing" and strives to fight for the first pot of gold in
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  • flooring companies in the countryDateTue Apr 10, 2018 10:11 am

    factories in Chengdu to produce finished products and send them to surrounding areas and coastal areas to reduce costs. In terms of long-term interests, setting up factories in Chengdu has a more competitive advantage. The development of an enterprise depends not only on the quality of the product, but also on how to take advantage of the price. The province can do more with one penny. Chengdu is a hub for warehousing and logistics
    in the west, which radiates throughout the western region. It is also an object of business preference in terms of raw material procurement and labor costs. According to industry insiders, “Chengdu has rich raw material resources, low prices, and a mature system, which can be sent from Chengdu to the entire country. Chengdu is the largest transportation hub in the west, and it has expanded as a source to form a distribution type. Sales
    network." Floor "OEM" rehearsals for channel "flattening" Since the occurrence of the "3-15 Party Exposure Event" a few years ago, the domestic shady industry of floor-mounted OEMs has opened the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of flooring companies in the country. They used to be concentrated in the coastal areas. However, in recent years, they have gradually turned to the production bases in the mainland. The reason is nothing
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  • business district first-line buildingDateFri Mar 30, 2018 6:33 am

    door has not had time to tear down. Not far from this floor brand that has been evacuated, another floor brand dealer has already decided to withdraw the shop. Many floor samples in the shop have been removed. “The rent expires and the boss no longer rents it. This month we will It was withdrawn.” The store’s staff told reporters. “This year we hear from time to time the withdrawal of stores. Some floor distributors have contracted
    stores. For example, if there are two stores in the same home section, they plan to close one of them. There are four or five stores in Nanjing, which may shrink into two or three.” Nanjing The Secretary-General of the Municipal Decoration Materials Trade Association confirmed it. “This year, the flooring market is the coldest in 16 years. Some floor brands, at most, have four or five stores in Nanjing, but this year, there is only one store
    left, and it is opened in Jiangbei, where rent is relatively cheap. Many floor brands, The main task this year is to digest stocks and handle floor orders for 2011 or even 2010, and when all these orders are processed, it is very likely that the brand will fully withdraw from Nanjing.” Mr. Hu disclosed that the industry. High rents let dealers HOLD not live Jinling Evening News reporter learned that this year, almost every month there are floor
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  • reinforced wood flooringDateThu Mar 29, 2018 8:20 am

    good and the market continues to be in a weak state. At the same time, it has also been found that some merchants have begun to prepare for “May 1st” promotion. Currently, the quotation of 807×130×12mm Sapele reinforced wood flooring in Guangdong Yuzhu International Wood Market is 80 yuan/m2.Recently, a surname Liu in Panzhihua City, the phone calls to reflect the recent preparations for the renovation of new homes, he
    found in the local solid wood flooring market, found that solid wood flooring with red sandalwood, rosewood, ebony and other tree species are very common. Not only that, but some floor suppliers also garbled the words "excellent products" and "first-class goods." Moreover, the more small brands, the more dare to label "excellent products" and "first-class products." Since he graduated from a forestry college, he is also considered to be a
    person in the industry, but he can't decide which kind of solid wood floor to choose. The reporter conducted a survey on this and found that Chengdu solid wood flooring market also has such problems. Weiguai I: The trees were indiscriminately posted foreign names. Subsequently, the reporter interviewed Gao Zhihua, a famous flooring expert, on the telephone. According to Professor Gao, tree species names have become a major
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  • engaged in the floor foreign trade businessDateMon Mar 26, 2018 2:53 am

    “The key is not how much you charge, but because of the unfairness of fees! As far as I know, foreign companies have to use their patents, paying much less than us, probably at around US$0.1. The data may not be accurate, but the gap is so Big I dare to promise.” “Now there is almost no profit space” Why is there a wide gap between domestic and foreign patent fees? On the 16th, the author telephoned Mr. Song of Shanghai
    Representative Company of Belgium Unilin Flooring Co., Ltd., indicating that the patent fees for locks should be notified by e-mail. After the arrangement, the headquarters will give a reply. Mr. Wu, the Shanghai representative of Valinge Company, said that there is no oral quotation for patent fees. There are indeed problems with e-mail contact. The e-mail address will be fed back to the author in a timely manner. In early years, he
    was engaged in the floor foreign trade business in Changzhou, and later Dai Ying, who had moved to Shanghai for a “export-to-export” attitude, said: “It is a fact that foreign companies and domestic companies have different payment standards and even say that there is a big gap, compared with domestic companies, they are not. the same". “Because the patent unit price paid by each company is negotiated with the two companies
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  • solid wood flooring productionDateThu Mar 22, 2018 1:26 am

    will bring about certain fluctuations in the consumption of solid wood flooring, and overall sales will decline accordingly. 50% of brands will disappear, and sales of famous brands will increase. “Some companies have multiple brands, but the quality is not too hard, and levying a 5% consumption tax will reduce their competitiveness. However, as solid wood flooring is a durable consumer product, consumers will not buy it because of
    rising prices. The brand is a good one.” Gao Zhihua’s view has also been approved by Hu Zaoqi. He told reporters that in 2005 the country's solid wood flooring production around 80 million square meters, this year may drop to 75 million square meters. “At present, low-end products are flooding the solid wood flooring market and levying a 5% consumption tax is a good opportunity for the survival of the fittest and industry reshuffle.”In
    2010, the 15th anniversary of China's floor development, industry professionals must have a process of celebrating, summarizing, and reflecting. Let me talk about the summary first. China's flooring industry now ranks first in the world in terms of output, and it can be happy, but there is no need to take this thing because the first is caused by historical opportunities. Continued annual growth of 8%. In the first 15 years, dare to learn and
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  • greater the appreciation of the renminbiDateWed Mar 14, 2018 2:38 am

    company re-priced all the products in early this year. In some countries in Europe and the United States, including Japan and South Korea, it will not be easy to set a good price. Once the price increases, it means that a large part of customers will be lost. He also said to the author that since the beginning of this year, the exchange rate of Renminbi against the U.S. dollar has been on a rising trend. However, the Company has not dared to
    adjust the price easily. As a result, the greater the appreciation of the renminbi, the more squeezed the profits of the company. It is in this awkward situation, from July this year, the company began to adjust the market strategy to reduce the share of overseas sales, while the products to the domestic market. 'China is a big market, a lot of opportunities, high-end products go very well, and the price advantage. Mr. Kim said.
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  • flooring companies are relying on the survivalDateMon Mar 12, 2018 6:20 am

    for those who can grasp the pulse of the times and have strong innovative ability, the enterprise is really a chance. Here, we analyze the future opportunities in the flooring industry where. The seven opportunities in the flooring industry are first of all the opportunities for flooring products to enter the store. For a long time, the flooring companies are relying on the survival of hypermarkets, when the market is good, some brands of large
    stores, those small and medium-sized enterprises are high on the floor. However, during this round of reshuffling, some brands that have not been able to adapt to the new consumption environment have already withdrawn from the store. This is an excellent opportunity for the products that are expected to consume nowadays to enter the capital city supermarkets. The second is the dealer to replace the brand to the business opportunities.
    Now is the dealer to abandon the old brand pursuit of the peak of the new brand, some dealers after experiencing the difficulties of the original brand support, will give up the lack of long-term competitiveness of the brand, and find new partners. Those with brand awareness and market competitiveness of enterprises should seize this opportunity. The third is the opportunity for e-commerce. At present, due to the macroeconomic impact in
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  • E0-class laminate flooringDateMon Mar 05, 2018 2:34 am

    standard formaldehyde content should be below 0.5mg / L. At present, only Finland, Japan, Germany and other countries enforce the E0 standard, and our country does not include it in the national test standard, just as an instructive standard. Because of this, in the inspection, the lack of supervision, the flooring businesses booming, have played E0-class laminate flooring signs, lest he fall behind others, can not fall this piece of cake. Since
    then, the E0 standard in the industry has become a confused consumer, hypothetical price guise. Flooring business in the concept of E0 to consumers, "bombing" marketing, but consumers have given rise to the concept of fatigue, "E0" gradually lose its appeal, in this quiet. "It is impossible to have E0-level laminate flooring," which is part of the flooring business including Lianfeng Wood, OSX Wood, and Santa Rona Flooring. Reporters
    learned from these businesses, E0-class laminate flooring production requires more than E1 standard substrate, only this one, 90% of the merchants can not do so. Businesses also told reporters that now almost the majority of consumers are able to understand that it is difficult to enhance the floor E0 level, and even between E1 and E0, consumers trust the former.From a purely importing country 10 years ago to today's exporting
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  • wood products are involvedDateFri Mar 02, 2018 3:14 am

    wood products are involved
    entered a rational consumption, therefore, in the brand operation control, should not be impatient, should be down-to-earth, over-reliance on movie stars as the image of spokesmen and conceptual manipulation will be counterproductive. The sales, after-sales service should be gradually strengthened, so that it entered the brand's content. Enterprises not only produce flooring products, but wooden doors, furniture, stairs, handrails and
    other wood products are involved. Take advantage of the new image of the old brand new product, glow new business opportunities, product adjustment, second and third tier brands actively expand and implement, such as nature, life, beautiful Island, Jinqiao, crystal lamp North America Feng situation long Sheng, Gelsen, Xu and other brands to broaden their products, thus enhancing the overall competitiveness of enterprises.Recently, the
    floor business alliance held a summit. In order to promote the further healthy development of the flooring industry in China, the theme of this summit is defined as "quality and development". The top leaders of the 15 coalition members together with government officials and experts and scholars from the coalition will jointly discuss the current development of the industry Three major issues started a discussion. Three major issues: the
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  • development of wood flooringDateFri Feb 23, 2018 3:44 am

    average of 72.5606 million square meters, an increase of 61.96%, of which the construction area of ​​commercial buildings in Guangdong Province still reached 229,296,600 square meters, Covering an area of ​​48.24 million square meters, an increase of 14.4% and 8.2% over 2007 respectively. The sales area of ​​commercial buildings completed 48.24 million square meters, though it decreased by 22.4% over the previous year. However, the
    sales area in the latter two months was increased from the previous 10 months An average of 3,322,200 square meters on average monthly rose to 7,509,100 square meters, an increase of 126.03%, indicating that China's real estate in the regulation of the central government has been a good direction, which is very conducive to the development of wood flooring enterprises in our province, I The province's wooden flooring enterprises must
    quickly occupy the face of possible financial tsunami problems,timely adjustment of sales channels, while continuing to excavate the international market, and strive to open up the domestic market.
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  • wood flooring timber speciesDateWed Feb 07, 2018 8:13 am

    activity week" held recently. Zhang Lin, chairman of China's Forest Products Industry Association, said at the forum, flooring industry to be bigger and stronger, we must work hard on technological innovation. Zhang said that the first thing to pay attention to enterprise innovation and research and development, we must focus on the scientific and technological content of products, increase product functionality. Second, through scientific and
    technological innovation, to enhance the value of wood flooring, wood flooring not only has good value, but also to give floor products with aesthetic and other aesthetic values. To rich wood culture into the floor products, to provide consumer value-added services. In addition, through scientific and technological innovation, technological progress to expand solid wood flooring, wood flooring timber species, which is essential for the
    sustainable development of enterprises and industries is necessary, but also a necessity of sustainable development. According to statistics, China's wood floor production in 2007 was 360 million square meters, ranking first in the world. China Forest Products Industry Association Floor Committee predicts that by 2010 China's floor production will reach 500 million square meters, an average annual increase of about 13%. However, like
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  • diversified promotional activitiesDateMon Jan 29, 2018 2:48 am

    fight, the floor sales did show a substantial increase, especially large-scale brand enterprises. As flooring companies gradually reduce inventory, floor billet prices have also been raised. At present, Guangzhou Yu Zhu International Wood Market Red Sandalwood floor blank 900 × 90 × 18mm quoted at 315 yuan / m2.Flooring market: diversified promotional activities to attract the attention of consumers, a substantial increase in the
    volume of solid wood flooring; competition is fierce, fierce price war, making the profit floor of the laminate is constantly being compressed. 1, solid wood flooring: a variety of promotional activities to attract the attention of consumers, the floor turnover has risen sharply. Anxin floor extends from the main business to set foot in the mahogany furniture industry, launched during the National Day "to buy flooring to send African red sandalwood
    furniture"; Lianfeng floor hit 1 yuan "Love price" to buy floor to send LCD TV activities; Valued at 2,800 yuan, 1288 yuan fine mahogany collection; before sending gold Baroque floor more punch attack, hit the floor to buy a designated 60 up to gift SONY Internet; less than 60 square meters but 30 feet can get APPLE (ipod) Mp3 A player's promotional advertising .relative last year, the Miami Heat's president of signings, this
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  • Floor merchants said the priceDateFri Jan 26, 2018 3:00 am

    face an awkward position. Now this awkward situation has come, should have been the traditional flooring market peak season, the market has become very deserted, all kinds of floor sales have shown a more substantial decline. At present, Guangzhou Yu Zhu international timber market antique black oak laminate flooring 807 × 130 × 12mm quoted at 67 yuan / m2 2.2, solid wood flooring: the market deserted, businesses difficult to raise
    prices. Although this year's real estate decoration market is significantly bleaker than in previous years, but the increase in imported timber prices, labor costs, so that many flooring companies have to rethink the issue of product price positioning. It is understood that the appreciation of the renminbi, but also to the floor timber imports have brought some good business; However, such a good can not offset the cost increase brought by
    timber prices. Floor merchants said the price of timber imported from North America rose about 30% year on year. Many flooring merchants used to be mainly used for timber imports in Southeast Asia and Africa. However, in recent years, the governments of these regions have successively restricted timber exports. Declining timber exports led to rising prices; moreover, the supply was unstable, eventually allowing flooring
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  • create a promising marketDateWed Jan 17, 2018 2:16 am

    done. Sina home is shaping the brand? Sharon Wood Zhang Jianjun right, we can not say that the quality of first-line brand is not good, at least we produce products, and a line of comparable brands, but the brand has not yet reached the impression, the intensity of publicity has not gone up. If you say that this area to be done, it can be comparable with them. Sina home that your product is mainly a second-tier cities or third-tier cities it?
    Sharon Wood Zhang Jianjun now our point is still in the first two cities, prefecture-level city above, but we focus on the development of the original area or as a basis. Not only the third and fourth tier cities, if you want to be bigger, is to cover every second and third tier cities. Sina home now a lot of floor companies say I want my channel to be flattened. Is to make the middle of the dealer there are limitations, in this case, reduce the cost of
    operating the company. Then your business is how to do it? Sand waves Wood Zhang Jianjun This is a key point, can not say that all are launched, or to consider their own platform. The best is to promote the surface, we point to cover, and now at least to create a promising market, there is a focus on the market, put this promising to the surface. Sina home Do you think in 2011 with the development prospects of the market before will not
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  • price lower than the price of brokersDateThu Jan 04, 2018 3:37 am

    There are many sources, one of the most important criteria: whether you have feelings for you. 'This sounds very mysterious, the first Mr. Luis cooperation with Anshin told an interview in a story. Prior to 1999, the floor of the Brazilian company distributed by Essence was purchased from an intermediary. The middlemen regarded the contact information of the raw material supplier as a 'secret code', hidden each and every time. One day in March 1999, Lo Wai-kwong finally found the fax number of Louis on the inside of a bundle of adhesive tape. A whole month, Lu Weiguang holding the phone number, playing during the day and night, hit the free time.
    Really connected, Lu Weiguang said stuttering English, Louis answered a string of Portuguese, both sides, such as fog in the clouds. Later Louis asked a translation agency to translate Lu Weiguang's English faxes into Portuguese, and after reading and translating his reply from Portuguese to English faxes, the parties started the negotiation. Louis promised to do a pen business, but the condition is: Lu Weiguang must first prepaid 300,000 US dollars. Did not see a piece of wood, the seller is ignorant of life, it is necessary to advance payment? Many people worry that Lu Weiguang 'bamboo basket fetch empty.' But think again and again, Lo Wai Kwong still
    opened a 30 million U.S. dollars in letters of credit. As a result, Luis' high-quality flooring materials arrived at the container terminal in Shanghai by the end of 1999 on schedule. 'It seems incredible and imaginative to us that buyers and sellers are ignorant of life and trade without any credit,' said Louise, culminating in a detail that led to his cooperation with Essence: when Louis quoted, Lu Weiguang was delighted , The price lower than the price of brokers more than 1/3, Shun's profit margins increased a lot. So he told Louis: 'Everyone makes money. Anxin's purchase price can be slightly higher than the quote, so Louis can make more money. 'What buyers
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  • cost of flooring continues to riseDateWed Jan 03, 2018 5:11 am

    confusion and anxiety. Put down 06, see 07, the floor - Where is the road? Now there is a voice in the industry saying that 2007 will be the year of the floor's death. Roughly inferred is: the state's macro-control of real estate continues to be effective, the cost of flooring continues to rise, so there is a conclusion. It sounds a bit scary, it seems that we all smell the taste of death.Grinding performance failed. Surface wear performance is an important indicator of laminate flooring, the performance of a direct impact on product life and decorative effect, because the surface of the product once damaged can not be repaired, its use value will also be lost. The
    spot checks, nominal Shanghai Ying Feng Wood Co., Ltd. Ying Feng brand laminate flooring, the surface wear resistance test is only 1000 rpm, far below the national standard ≥ 6000 turn requirements. Third, excessive formaldehyde emissions. Formaldehyde release exceeded mainly due to product formulations used in the unscientific adhesives, glue technology behind the causes of such causes. According to the provisions of mandatory national standards, formaldehyde emission shall not exceed 1.5mg / L. The monitoring found that a total of 11 batches of formaldehyde products exceeded the standard, which nominal Changzhou Hao Jia Decoration
    Materials Co., Ltd. Wei Lun licensing laminate flooring, the formaldehyde emission of up to 3.5mg / L, is the standard limit 2 times more. In the spot checks, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers found that there are a large number of 'OEM' processing in the composite wood flooring industry. Some small enterprises produce more than one 'OEM' products. Due to the lack of necessary testing means by these clients and processors, Unable to control the quality of products, resulting in untested products into the market, infringed the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Zhejiang Provincial Industry and Commerce Agency reminds
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  • During the construction periodDateFri Sep 22, 2017 3:12 am

    diagnosed with acute gastric ulcer. Playing a two-pin in the hospital, the condition a little relief, he silently returned to his busy job. And Zhai Rongsheng, during the pavement in Beijing, the old father died, he rushed home to cook the funeral of the elderly the fourth day,Eco Low Carbon Composite Floor Price put into the work of the pavement. There are good at studying the chief of staff Li Hongxin, Yong Ke difficult senior technician Xie Renqi, women do not let the shop director Guan Ping, innovative technology operators Wang Xinfeng, etc., and so on. Of course, in this group of living group carvings, but also flashing the head of the state-owned cadres of the figure: Jinqiao floor group
    chairman and general manager Song Jianlong, in order to build quality works, he traveled numerous times in Changchun, Beijing, forest , The site, 172 days and nights all the way to the Great Hall of the People, I do not know how many difficulties,high-quality outdoor wall panels in his vigorous and resolute decision to meet. Some people say that the most words of Song 's total mouth in this year are; Permanent pavement project site executive vice president of Qu Mei You, the top pressure, take the heat, and the Great Hall of the Authority and the relevant parties in close contact with the whole team together from the early days of late, people tan more black, boil Get thinner. In
    the Jilin Forest Industry Group, talk about politics; always put in the first place, even in Beijing during the construction of two months, their pavement team also set up temporary party branch and temporary union. During the construction period,WPC park fence the temporary party branch held a meeting from time to time, requiring each party member to be responsible for the ideological and political work of the team, to help the team to solve practical problems, and truly played a cohesive and morale fortress. Temporary trade unions are combined with pavement works, organize labor competition, once a day evaluation, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the
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