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  • create a promising marketDateWed Jan 17, 2018 2:16 am

    done. Sina home is shaping the brand? Sharon Wood Zhang Jianjun right, we can not say that the quality of first-line brand is not good, at least we produce products, and a line of comparable brands, but the brand has not yet reached the impression, the intensity of publicity has not gone up. If you say that this area to be done, it can be comparable with them. Sina home that your product is mainly a second-tier cities or third-tier cities it?
    Sharon Wood Zhang Jianjun now our point is still in the first two cities, prefecture-level city above, but we focus on the development of the original area or as a basis. Not only the third and fourth tier cities, if you want to be bigger, is to cover every second and third tier cities. Sina home now a lot of floor companies say I want my channel to be flattened. Is to make the middle of the dealer there are limitations, in this case, reduce the cost of
    operating the company. Then your business is how to do it? Sand waves Wood Zhang Jianjun This is a key point, can not say that all are launched, or to consider their own platform. The best is to promote the surface, we point to cover, and now at least to create a promising market, there is a focus on the market, put this promising to the surface. Sina home Do you think in 2011 with the development prospects of the market before will not
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  • price lower than the price of brokersDateThu Jan 04, 2018 3:37 am

    There are many sources, one of the most important criteria: whether you have feelings for you. 'This sounds very mysterious, the first Mr. Luis cooperation with Anshin told an interview in a story. Prior to 1999, the floor of the Brazilian company distributed by Essence was purchased from an intermediary. The middlemen regarded the contact information of the raw material supplier as a 'secret code', hidden each and every time. One day in March 1999, Lo Wai-kwong finally found the fax number of Louis on the inside of a bundle of adhesive tape. A whole month, Lu Weiguang holding the phone number, playing during the day and night, hit the free time.
    Really connected, Lu Weiguang said stuttering English, Louis answered a string of Portuguese, both sides, such as fog in the clouds. Later Louis asked a translation agency to translate Lu Weiguang's English faxes into Portuguese, and after reading and translating his reply from Portuguese to English faxes, the parties started the negotiation. Louis promised to do a pen business, but the condition is: Lu Weiguang must first prepaid 300,000 US dollars. Did not see a piece of wood, the seller is ignorant of life, it is necessary to advance payment? Many people worry that Lu Weiguang 'bamboo basket fetch empty.' But think again and again, Lo Wai Kwong still
    opened a 30 million U.S. dollars in letters of credit. As a result, Luis' high-quality flooring materials arrived at the container terminal in Shanghai by the end of 1999 on schedule. 'It seems incredible and imaginative to us that buyers and sellers are ignorant of life and trade without any credit,' said Louise, culminating in a detail that led to his cooperation with Essence: when Louis quoted, Lu Weiguang was delighted , The price lower than the price of brokers more than 1/3, Shun's profit margins increased a lot. So he told Louis: 'Everyone makes money. Anxin's purchase price can be slightly higher than the quote, so Louis can make more money. 'What buyers
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  • cost of flooring continues to riseDateWed Jan 03, 2018 5:11 am

    confusion and anxiety. Put down 06, see 07, the floor - Where is the road? Now there is a voice in the industry saying that 2007 will be the year of the floor's death. Roughly inferred is: the state's macro-control of real estate continues to be effective, the cost of flooring continues to rise, so there is a conclusion. It sounds a bit scary, it seems that we all smell the taste of death.Grinding performance failed. Surface wear performance is an important indicator of laminate flooring, the performance of a direct impact on product life and decorative effect, because the surface of the product once damaged can not be repaired, its use value will also be lost. The
    spot checks, nominal Shanghai Ying Feng Wood Co., Ltd. Ying Feng brand laminate flooring, the surface wear resistance test is only 1000 rpm, far below the national standard ≥ 6000 turn requirements. Third, excessive formaldehyde emissions. Formaldehyde release exceeded mainly due to product formulations used in the unscientific adhesives, glue technology behind the causes of such causes. According to the provisions of mandatory national standards, formaldehyde emission shall not exceed 1.5mg / L. The monitoring found that a total of 11 batches of formaldehyde products exceeded the standard, which nominal Changzhou Hao Jia Decoration
    Materials Co., Ltd. Wei Lun licensing laminate flooring, the formaldehyde emission of up to 3.5mg / L, is the standard limit 2 times more. In the spot checks, industrial and commercial law enforcement officers found that there are a large number of 'OEM' processing in the composite wood flooring industry. Some small enterprises produce more than one 'OEM' products. Due to the lack of necessary testing means by these clients and processors, Unable to control the quality of products, resulting in untested products into the market, infringed the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Zhejiang Provincial Industry and Commerce Agency reminds
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  • During the construction periodDateFri Sep 22, 2017 3:12 am

    diagnosed with acute gastric ulcer. Playing a two-pin in the hospital, the condition a little relief, he silently returned to his busy job. And Zhai Rongsheng, during the pavement in Beijing, the old father died, he rushed home to cook the funeral of the elderly the fourth day,Eco Low Carbon Composite Floor Price put into the work of the pavement. There are good at studying the chief of staff Li Hongxin, Yong Ke difficult senior technician Xie Renqi, women do not let the shop director Guan Ping, innovative technology operators Wang Xinfeng, etc., and so on. Of course, in this group of living group carvings, but also flashing the head of the state-owned cadres of the figure: Jinqiao floor group
    chairman and general manager Song Jianlong, in order to build quality works, he traveled numerous times in Changchun, Beijing, forest , The site, 172 days and nights all the way to the Great Hall of the People, I do not know how many difficulties,high-quality outdoor wall panels in his vigorous and resolute decision to meet. Some people say that the most words of Song 's total mouth in this year are; Permanent pavement project site executive vice president of Qu Mei You, the top pressure, take the heat, and the Great Hall of the Authority and the relevant parties in close contact with the whole team together from the early days of late, people tan more black, boil Get thinner. In
    the Jilin Forest Industry Group, talk about politics; always put in the first place, even in Beijing during the construction of two months, their pavement team also set up temporary party branch and temporary union. During the construction period,WPC park fence the temporary party branch held a meeting from time to time, requiring each party member to be responsible for the ideological and political work of the team, to help the team to solve practical problems, and truly played a cohesive and morale fortress. Temporary trade unions are combined with pavement works, organize labor competition, once a day evaluation, effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of the
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  • pattern of rich floorDateWed Sep 20, 2017 3:11 am

    players work. Song Lin Branch General Manager Liu Lin has a personal sentiment: in the process of producing the floor for the Great Hall of the people, we really appreciate, do a good job of ideological work, not only the fine tradition of state-owned enterprises, but also in the market economy,Composite Decking for Home Enterprise development and growth of a great magic weapon. As long as our method is appropriate, education is strong, we can put everyone's heart together, you can stimulate the potential of everyone, you can put one thing into a common mission, we can make our business gone. ; Great man footprints often printed, painting still exist around the
    beam; carved algae wells such as dome cover, with the matchpin race scales. Kuangda Xuanlangzhang goods, the people of respecting each other gods; Changbaidun goods breeze, the ancient is still new in the weather ; A Changbai Mountain Linhai poet wrote this poem,Buying Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats vividly to the Changbai Mountain floor fresh, honest and the Great Hall of the brilliant, distinguished, image of the integration. When we entered the Great Hall of the People, stepped up on the three-story corridor, lean on a railing, more than 7,000 square meters of Jinqiao floor paved, shiny, dazzling, people suddenly overlooking the earth reverie. In such a wide space, wandering in
    the pattern of rich floor, fine traditional elegant art of laying out, like walking in a huge and vivid folk paintings among the arrogant national pride makes people feel agitated, imagination : 50 years have passed, the number of Chinese children here bathing the spirit of the sanctuary of the soul of the baptism,Buy Online WPC Flooring how many international friends here feel the history of the Chinese nation Hong Zhongluo and Heiner rivers of the broad mind. 50 years, a specific reincarnation, at the beginning of this reincarnation, the simple and solemn people's Great Hall banquet hall full of vigorous youth; Jilin forest workers here painted this unparalleled; Jinqiao; picture scroll!
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  • wood flooring industry tryingDateFri Sep 08, 2017 2:35 am

    love. Laminate flooring; high-definition technology; refers to the use of wear-resistant paper and significantly improve the floor surface lightness and grain clarity, while not sacrificing the floor wear resistance of the new floor production technology,Build Outdoor PVC Fence the past few years has been China Strengthen the wood flooring industry trying to break one of the three core technologies. In recent years, China's container industry has developed rapidly. This year, with the global economic recovery and the overall development of China's economy, the demand for transportation increased, the future container industry will have a big room for development, which for this
    year's container plywood flooring to bring development opportunities. Container transport with its efficient, convenient, safe and so on, has become an important form of transportation. In recent years, the container industry in China has developed rapidly,Affordable Wood Plastic Patio Decking the port container transport infrastructure has improved significantly, opening up gradually expanding, the scale has grown, China's international container hub has been initially formed, and has developed into the world's largest container throughput country. In 2003, China's container production has been completed 1.46 million TEU, of which, completed in southern China 650,000 TEU,
    North China completed 160,000 TEU, East China and Central China completed a total of 650,000 TEU. China Container Group, only 5 years to achieve the goal of entering the world's first container occupancy, and for eight consecutive years to maintain the world's first position,Privacy Vinyl Fencing Installation Tips the past five years, their container production growth of 249.66 %, Net profit increased by 206.28%, container occupancy rate of about 50%. At present, China's container production capacity has reached 2.16 million TEU. At present, China's domestic trade container transport market is facing new development opportunities, according to the Ministry of Communications
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  • second floor of the elephantDateThu Sep 07, 2017 2:33 am

    countervailing on each floor enterprises have an impact, only the entire industry to pay attention to this event in order to win the final victory." Shen Ming said.Kyrgyzstan Wood Wood full name of the international Kyrgyzstan plantation forest products group,Composite Material Products Manufacturer is Asia's largest subsidiary of wood, is China's high-end MDF and deep processing of products suppliers. At present, Kyrgyzstan wood industry in the field of high-density fiberboard, occupy a high market share of high-end sheet, covering furniture, packaging, decorative building materials, handicrafts, electronic circuit pad and other industries, the industry's leading brands of preferred raw
    material suppliers. In strengthening the field of composite flooring, Kyrgyzstan as the floor of China's laminate flooring is one of the top 10, has been rated for three consecutive years as a national Mianjian products. Kyrgyzstan from the establishment of wood from 1993 to the present, has been to build sustainable development industry as the center, adhere to health and environmental protection guidelines. Kyrgyzstan Wood also introduced the Swedish environmental energy equipment to establish factory energy center,Cheap Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence the processing of all the remaining residues, that is, to reduce environmental pollution and can solve some of the company's
    energy problems. Wastewater treatment has reached the national level emission standards, and recycling, and truly sustainable development. By the China Association of wood-based panel known as the artificial forest processing industry in the economic environment model.Plastic Wood Decking It is from these advanced equipment and responsible attitude, Soufun home network will join hands with the elephant floor strong combination, in the ceramic world on the second floor of the elephant elephant floor to buy activities. Then Kyrgyzstan as the floor will be the majority of owners of Shenyang to a very favorable price, to thank the majority of owners of the city of
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  • flooring business more suitable partnerDateThu Aug 31, 2017 3:03 am

    for flooring in China? Now the forest in the tropics is almost entirely eyeed by the World Wide Fund for Nature, and the forests of South America, Asia and Africa, where Amazon and Brazil are located are still running low. The future can really ensure that the timber supply only Europe and North America.Wood Plastic Flower Planter Boxes These two regions are the earliest aware of the sustainable management of forests and have a very scientific tracking system and a global positioning system for resource management. The two regions of the wood more secure, is the Chinese flooring business more suitable partner. China's flooring industry in the next decade will be a
    lot of changes, but it is likely that these changes are caused by your most unexpected factors, we are committed to the brand quality of quality construction, but may be difficult to find artificial, or raw materials to find So, if we can be a very comprehensive organization of the future strategic arrangements,Find the Best Wood Plastic Flooring the human capital material reserves are arranged in order to really avoid some of the crisis. What are the characteristics of Canada's wood or wood products that are most appealing to our Chinese consumer tastes? Canada's flag is Maple Leaf, Maple in China is the most promising of a tree species. Many years ago, Canada has dozens of
    containers per month maple through Hong Kong supply to China, many hotels in Guangzhou are used maple decoration, such as white swan hotel. In the future we will increase the efforts of the promotion of maple, so that more Chinese people like to enjoy and maple hard and hard both white charm.Getting Composite Decking for Outdoor flooring In addition, the biggest advantage of Canadian timber is sustainable supply capacity. Canada's 94% of the forest is controlled by the government, so the supply of production is very planned, it will not speed up the harvest because of the market, so China and Canada in the timber trade is the most suitable object, one with a never Will be separated.
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  • imported wood flooringDateTue Aug 29, 2017 2:57 am

    Germany Kono Wood Group China's Beijing Kenuo Senhua Flooring Co., Ltd. 2.5%, Filingel Wood (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. dumping tax rate (9.7%), 17% for ISR (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.,Find The Best Vinyl Fence Online Dealers and other non-verified enterprises received a weighted average tax rate of 9.7%. The Canadian side also ruled that subsidies for imported or imported wood flooring from China were subsidized by 0% to 9.2%, with the exception of a small number of enterprises, the subsidy rate for most enterprises was approved as 9.2%. Going out of the country to improve the quality is the key It is reported that the German Kono Wood Group in China belongs to the
    Beijing Knoxsen floor Co., Ltd. in the collection of anti-dumping duties of enterprises, the dumping tax rates and subsidies are significantly lower than other enterprises, Respectively 2.5% and 3.1%. According to the German Kono Wood Group China headquarters Kenuo Senhua brand general manager of Ms.Renewable Composite Decking for Outdoor Chen Lilan, the company is China's largest Canadian exports of laminate flooring manufacturers, the dumping tax rate and the subsidy tax rate is relatively low, Combined with the export of Canadian products accounted for the company's global exports rate is not large, so its impact on its exports is very small, its brand's international
    and domestic competitiveness will not be affected. The company in the collection of dumping duties in the enterprise, its collection was significantly lower, also shows that the brand is firm Nexenson, which has long been consistent with the quality of the company,Best Above Ground Swimming Pool Decking depending on the quality of the lifeline of the production services The idea is closely related. Ms. Chen Lilan believes that the Canadian side of China's laminate flooring export enterprises to impose such a high tax rate, we should be highly vigilant, carefully thinking about the problem behind the hidden deeper industry problems. Ms. Chen Li-lan said that with China's accession to the
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  • flooring businessmen said that althoughDateMon Aug 21, 2017 3:37 am

    for consumers is like a cold, then the business of a wide variety of "11 promotion" activities like a round after round of warm, greatly weakened the price of plates on the people Bring a direct impact. Many flooring businessmen said that although some of the recent solid wood flooring prices have improved,Build a Wood Plastic Garden Fence but the ensuing "11" season ex gratia activities will maximize the balance of price increases, consumers can pass these discounts, Now activities to buy more affordable floor. This year's business "11" activities more lively than in previous years, floor festival, floor promotions and other activities started very early. Some stores early to
    choose in mid-September to start preferential measures, one is to take the occasion of the price of materials to consumers throw the purchase signal; the second is to take care of the holiday economy ahead of the huge profits. Faced with fierce external market competition environment,PVC Type of Porch Railing a lot of floor dealers or quite optimistic about this year's promotional activities, you can say that businesses with their own promotional efforts to fight for the season sales market, consumers are the best beneficiaries. Here it is recommended that you buy the floor of such consumer goods, more understanding of the texture of wood and the advantages of
    performance, and then calmly start. According to the country on the solid wood flooring levy consumption tax of 5%, while the supply of overseas timber raw materials to reduce the more freight, exchange rate changes, processing costs and many other factors, resulting in this year since the solid wood flooring prices Soaring, ECO Friendly Composite Pergolathe reporter was informed that some of the solid wood flooring business has even begun to consider converting, optimistic about other varieties of the flooring industry. Prices rose "the most direct impact on the field is the solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and bamboo flooring and raw materials for the floor price is
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  • solid wood flooringDateFri Aug 18, 2017 4:21 am

    by the impact of the upper reaches of raw materials, the current floor, furniture prices have risen, especially in the most common price of solid wood panels, many building materials market, solid wood flooring prices earlier than the price per square meter rose about 30 yuan,Durable Composite Flooring Manufacturer The highest increase of 15%. Although the face of price adjustment, but due to strong national consumer demand, shopping malls or hope that by the activities such as promotions to reduce the price increases on the people directly to the impact. Reporters from the modern decoration market, B & Q (view map) and other
    places to understand, based on the reality of solid wood flooring price adjustment, has been in the mid-market composite floor sales greatly improved. "Composite flooring ushered in the sales of the golden period, which is mainly related to the consumer groups, most of the renovation of the new house '80 after 'young people take into account the spending power,ECO Friendly Composite Pergola or will look at the price is relatively affordable, composite floor. Floor prices up to 15% Reporters learned that a brand of a price of 368 yuan / square meter of white oak solid wood flooring, the recent price has risen to 388 yuan / square meter, another original price of 320 yuan /
    square meter Of the solid wood flooring, the price is 345 yuan / square meter, solid wood flooring prices rose between 5% -15%. "Part of the price of solid wood flooring, the vast majority are due to the scarcity of trees or tight supply, there are individual models of solid wood flooring prices slightly lowerPorch Composite Railing Ideas." Shang Li floor manager told reporters. B & Q sales office official told reporters: "whether the floor price and the substrate supply channels have a great relationship, large stores, large brands because of a relatively stable supply chain, so the price is more firm, if There are prices are relatively cautious, or generally not too high. "As the
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  • solid wood floor prices continue rise.DateWed Aug 16, 2017 3:51 am

    breakthrough in the service off the floor business to the countryside for many large enterprises is not difficult, quality, channels, funds and other objective problems are also inadequate, the key lies in the service. Has been the floor industry's sense of service are people can not compliment, the countryside will become a major risk. Many industry insiders pointed out that the floor is a high operational industry,Landscape Composite Wood Flooring after-sales service behavior is essential, if the business after-sales service behavior can not grasp, is likely to become the burden of corporate brand development. Zhang Jieqiang that the flooring industry does exist a lot of service
    problems, will inevitably become a key point to the countryside to the countryside, the flooring industry is now impossible as the home appliance industry as each enterprise to set up so many service outlets, but it can be recommended Short-listed enterprises to establish an association,Affordable Exterior Wood Plastic Flooring set up by the Association of public service team for the farmers to solve the real problem, the specific service measures by the major companies to discuss the service costs according to the number of brands need to serve the number of issues and the seriousness of the price. Of course, there are many professionals on this matter put forward a lot of different
    views, but no matter how the floor business to the countryside, first of all to break through the service. Since this year, solid wood flooring with the collection of consumption tax, as well as rising raw material prices, and international and domestic oil prices continued to rise,Landscape Composite Wood Flooring a variety of travel prices continue to rise, leading to the domestic market, especially in Shanghai market solid wood flooring, solid wood floor prices continue rise. According to statistics, compared with the end of last year, the increase has been close to 20%. But at the same time, the floor retail market sales were declining trend, especially the state of the real estate market
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  • expected to form the wood flooring industryDateTue Aug 15, 2017 3:50 am

    along with the sky. The result of lower prices, resulting in the quality of wood flooring is difficult to protect, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers more often damaged. Good and bad brands and thousands of different quality so that consumers are no matter how seriously affect the market consumer confidence.Choosing Eco Friendly Composite Decking At present, many wood flooring sales service level is still stuck in a very simple level, many wood flooring brand in the stocking, installation and after-sales service, there are many problems. Tree "full service" into the industry standard It is worth noting that, whether it is "six rings" Ye Hao, "five heart" worth mentioning, look at the
    elephant, Shengda, Chint and other wood flooring brand launched a variety of "service" All through the pre-sale, sale, sale of three stages of the "full-service". With the service war started, the industry awareness of service improvement, nowadays the wooden floor brands have launched the service model,Modern Composite Wall Panels is expected to form the wood flooring industry, "service norms." "Service war" to the industry and then rejuvenated industry insiders pointed out that the wood flooring industry this "service war" is not groundless, "service war" started, will make wood flooring industry and then rejuvenation. For wood flooring business, the "service" brand will
    play, will be more similar products in the distance with competitors, access to greater living space. Recently, in the just-released "China 500 most valuable brand" list, the natural floor ranked No. 89, the brand value of 9.187 billion yuan, won the first floor industry.Outdoor Porch Wood Plastic Composite Railing This is the second since 2004, the natural flooring 6 times topped the "China 500 most valuable brand." As China's largest, the most complete product line of wood flooring leader, the implementation of the "China Green Print Project", as of now has established seven ecological forest, public welfare afforestation area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters, planting 600,000 ,
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  • the building materialsDateThu Aug 10, 2017 4:06 am

    develop specific details of the countryside. The financial crisis broke out, the central government in order to stimulate domestic consumption launched the "home appliances to the countryside" "car to the countryside" and some measures, the floor industry in 2009 after a year of weakness, furniture, building materials industry enterprises to the countryside High, some companies have begun to plan, rich forest floor is out of 80 million funds to build three or four market terminal construction, plans to share in the building materials to the countryside a cup of soup. Building materials to the countryside, enterprises mixed with building materials to the
    countryside will be a large degree of increase in building materials sales has become controversial fact, according to the People 's Daily,Low-Carbon, Environmentally WPC Decking the original introduction of China Building Materials Federation data show that building materials to the countryside policy will pull domestic consumption 5500-6000 billion, Building materials consumption is the current rural, farmers pillar consumer behavior. Preliminary estimates, building materials to the countryside policy implementation of three years can drive consumption of 1.8 trillion yuan. The next 10-15 years, the new rural construction and urbanization of the popularity of the flooring business
    will have a huge gap in consumption, the rural flooring industry is the last one of the largest business opportunities. The industry believes that with the flooring market one or two markets continue to saturation, three or four market battle immediately start, the building materials to the countryside will give the floor business to a great market development space.Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool Fulin Group President Zhang Jieqiang said that building materials to the countryside, the flooring business mixed, with the enterprise to further tap the rural channels, the depth of channel maintenance costs will be estimated, coupled with the rural market price sensitivity to the floor is also
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  • the building materialsDateThu Aug 10, 2017 3:26 am

    develop specific details of the countryside. The financial crisis broke out, the central government in order to stimulate domestic consumption launched the "home appliances to the countryside" "car to the countryside" and some measures, the floor industry in 2009 after a year of weakness, furniture, building materials industry enterprises to the countryside High, some companies have begun to plan, rich forest floor is out of 80 million funds to build three or four market terminal construction, plans to share in the building materials to the countryside a cup of soup. Building materials to the countryside, enterprises mixed with building materials to the
    countryside will be a large degree of increase in building materials sales has become controversial fact, according to the People 's Daily,Low-Carbon, Environmentally WPC Decking the original introduction of China Building Materials Federation data show that building materials to the countryside policy will pull domestic consumption 5500-6000 billion, Building materials consumption is the current rural, farmers pillar consumer behavior. Preliminary estimates, building materials to the countryside policy implementation of three years can drive consumption of 1.8 trillion yuan. The next 10-15 years, the new rural construction and urbanization of the popularity of the flooring business
    will have a huge gap in consumption, the rural flooring industry is the last one of the largest business opportunities. The industry believes that with the flooring market one or two markets continue to saturation, three or four market battle immediately start, the building materials to the countryside will give the floor business to a great market development space.Wood Plastic Composite Decking Around the Pool Fulin Group President Zhang Jieqiang said that building materials to the countryside, the flooring business mixed, with the enterprise to further tap the rural channels, the depth of channel maintenance costs will be estimated, coupled with the rural market price sensitivity to the floor is also
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  • undocumented productionDateMon Aug 07, 2017 4:45 am

    undocumented production and other prominent issues. November 1, 2008, Henglin Town, the State Administration of Quality Supervision granted the "to create a national high-quality laminate flooring production demonstration area," the title, and in Wujin held a "national regional product quality remediation work will be" to promote cross-forest experience.Wood Plastic Composite Products "Since 2008 to create high-quality laminate flooring production demonstration area, the cross-forest flooring industry cluster to achieve a smooth upgrade of the industry level, speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, and enhance the core competitiveness."
    Changzhou Quality Supervision Bureau, said Wang Jian Gang. Over the past two years, more than 100 enterprises in the Henglin area have expired industrial production license, flooring enterprise IS09001, IS014001 system certification reached 100%, municipal level supervision and inspection pass rate reached 95%, spot inspection coverage reached 80% ,Waterproof WPC Pergola For five consecutive years the country pass rate of 96% or more, a company received Jiangsu Province Quality Management Award. The industry has accumulated more than 400 patents authorized. Henglin Town built about 1333 hectares of flooring industrial park, in 2008 a total
    investment of 1.2 billion yuan of 700,000 square meters of cross-Lin International Floors a project 100,000 square meters of delivery, more than 13 hectares of logistics center completed, the park R & D center , Quality inspection center, information center,High Environmental Protection Courtyard PVC Fence training center and other public service platform readily available. In the history of Changzhou Zhenglin floor quality development, industry associations contributed. June 2003, Changzhou City Flooring Association was established, the existing 165 members, 19 executive director. Association has strengthened the government, business and market communication, but also to promote
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  • flooring industry tax policy interpretationDateFri Aug 04, 2017 3:42 am

    furniture export base; Relying on industrial advantages, Henglin also aimed at regional logistics center, planning and construction of large-scale floor decoration market and large furniture decoration market, support and nurture strong logistics enterprises in southern Jiangsu,Long Life WPC Deck Flooring while planning and construction of modern logistics industrial park and functional logistics and distribution center. July 5, Changzhou City, the flooring industry tax policy interpretation will be held in our bureau. The theme of this meeting is "according to the law to pay taxes, promote the harmonious development", to participate in the meeting for the relevant leaders of the town
    government, Changzhou City, floor, chairman of the floor, the floor business legal representative and financial person in charge. Deputy director of the Municipal Bureau, the Municipal Taxation Association Vice President Wang Xuanfang, District Secretary, Institute of Jing Wei,Wood Plastic Flooring Products deputy director Zhang Zhijie attended the meeting. In his speech, Comrade Wang Xuanfang pointed out that the meeting was a briefing session, a policy interpretation meeting, an exchange of experiences and a mobilization meeting for an industry reorganization. He also asked three points for the three categories of participants: First, enterprises should correct
    thinking, establish a legitimate business philosophy; Second, financial personnel to strengthen accounting, play an effective monitoring role; Third, the tax department to strengthen services to improve the management level. Only such taxpayers can better fulfill their tax obligations,Synthetic Teak Decking for Boats regulate their own tax-related activities, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and build a harmonious relationship. In 2003, Jiangsu Changzhou to strengthen the export of wood flooring, a total of 150 batches of 562,000 square meters, is the first three years the total number of export 10 times, export enterprises from 3 to 15, exporting countries all over the
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  • materials for composite wood flooringDateWed Aug 02, 2017 2:54 am

    famous flooring production enterprises - Jiangsu Dewei Wood Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dewei Wood) and then pass the good news, held in Beijing and the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry signed a ceremony , And announced the formal establishment of "composite wood flooring engineering research and development center."High Quality WPC Pergolas In the next three years, the two sides will cooperate on the issue of efficient use of raw materials for composite wood flooring, new technology research and development of new technology of wood-based panel, quality inspection, standard setting, professional personnel training and
    information exchange. The signing ceremony was held at the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Mr. Wang Yizhong, Vice President of the Forest Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Forestry, and Mr.WPC Material Flooring Options Ge Yuejin, President of Dewei Wood, attended the ceremony. At the ceremony, the two sides reached a consensus on the cooperation site, the activities of the funds, the two sides and so on, and finally signed the agreement. According to the reporter to understand that after signing the two sides of the first work is in the Dewei wood production base to
    establish a modern, for technology research and development of "composite wood flooring engineering research and development center" by the Chinese Academy of Forestry The deployment of key technical personnel went to the base, and Dewei Wood researchers to work together. At present, the center of the facilities and personnel deployment and other work has been initially completed,Creating Safe PVC Railing is expected to officially put into use in the short term. Ceremony, De Wei Wood President Mr. Ge Yuejin said that the completion of this significant contract work is to meet the domestic and foreign wood flooring, especially the composite wood
    venetia replacement polycarbonate sheets

    wooden decks pretoria

    us ceramic porcelain classic gray tile

  • flooring businessDateTue Aug 01, 2017 4:16 am

    certainly the direction of business development, how do you interpret? Wu Wei: At present, all domestic enterprises are facing a problem, that is, production is greater than the pin, whether you are large, or small, are faced with the problem of production is greater than the pin, including the current largest flooring business, now has market share Did not achieve the desired scale effect.Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Now if the fight in the cost of each, spell scale, and their own market share is not big enough, it is difficult to play large-scale benefits. If the production capacity of 30 million square meters as a scale of the watershed, then it is certainly more than 20 million square
    meters of sales, it really can be considered to achieve a large-scale effect. But its production capacity is 30 million square meters, sales only a few million square meters,Wood Plastic Flooring is an Economical Option it is far from the so-called normalization effect, at present, most of our flooring business capacity and actual sales gap of more than 50%. If the enterprise to play a large-scale benefits, we must study the needs of consumers, I just said, consumers decide whether you are large-scale enterprises. If consumers do not recognize you, large-scale expansion has become a burden on the enterprise. Consumers will not be because you are large to buy your single, nor is it because you are
    personalized to buy your single, but rather whether you can provide consumers with products to meet the demand. At present, our industry waste of equipment, as far as I know should not be more than 20 sets, are imported from abroad, the introduction of advanced equipment, most of the dust.About Wood Plastic Flooring Tips For example, a flooring business, claiming to be Asia's largest large-scale production base, capacity design is 30 million to 50 million square meters, but the annual sales is millions of square meters, that scale effect how to reflect? So no matter what type of business, you have to study the needs of consumers, consumers decide how much you can
    how to install wood plastic floor

    cuprinol anti slip decking paint

    composite steps completed how to build

  • flooring industrial parkDateTue Jul 25, 2017 3:39 am

    taken the pace of cross-river cooperation, cross-floor flooring business investment 120 million yuan built Siyang largest Medium and high density board production enterprises, driven by local enterprises to strengthen the wood flooring enterprises to provide high-quality substrate,Wood Plastic Flooring Used in Indoor and clear the raw materials, "Sheung Shui Road." Flooring companies more, decentralized business will restrict the development of enterprises to a larger scale. Henglin town government to develop industrial planning, in the floor of the relative gathering of the Cuiqiao area set up a flooring industrial park. Industrial Park planning area of ​​20,000 mu, built an area of ​​3930
    acres, the cumulative investment of 1.59 billion yuan. Enterprises through the rapid formation of specialized division of labor, with heterogeneous products to participate in market competition, improve the degree of intensive management, and ultimately to enhance the competitiveness of the entire industry to achieve the fundamental purpose.Wood Plastic Outdoor Flower Box Similar enterprises cluster is a double-edged sword, both the formation of industrial advantages, but also may bring disorderly competition. In the development of norms in the scale to win the effectiveness of the party committee and government based on this goal, with two years on the floor of the
    enterprises to cultivate remediation. "Orderly competition into a group, five fingers hold into a fist", this has let Changzhou people jealous, in the process of industrial clusters in the essential team spirit in the horizontal forest floor industry formed. Remediation also enhance the technical level,Beautiful Garden Through Flower Box enhance the brand image, and guide enterprises from extensive to brand-oriented development. Nearly two years in the horizontal forest floor brand was born in three countries Mianjian products, two provincial brand, four municipal brand. At present, the town a total of more than 400 floor industry related enterprises, of which more than 130 terminal
    is fence stronger than pvc fence

    small swimming pool

    tongue and groove pine boards

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