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  • Parquet maintenanceDateFri Jan 19, 2018 3:35 am

    Parquet flooring parquet laying, at least health 24 hours before use, otherwise it will affect the parquet effect. Generally poor water resistance of parquet, should not be wet cloth or water wipe test,Buy Wood-Plastic Composite Decking
    so as to avoid losing luster. In daily life after the solid wood flooring must be conserved, the specific measures are as follows:
    1, the room humidity should not be too large, keep the floor dry, smooth, clean daily use wring the cotton mop wipe can. Daily use should be taken to avoid heavy metal sharps,composite rocking chairs

    glass tiles, shoe spikes and other hard objects scratched the floor; Do not make the floor exposed to open fire or directly placed on the floor of high-power electric heater; Do not place the floor on the strong acid and alkali Sexual substances; Absolutely forbidden prolonged flooding.
    2, in order to maintain the beauty of parquet and extend the life of the paint, it is best to hit a wax every three months, before waxing to clean the floor surface stains. In fact, you can not hit,composite outdoor bench backyard

    but often play wax, can maintain the floor finish, extend the life of the floor. Wax before the floor wipe clean, and then smear a layer of floor wax evenly on the surface, a little dry wipe with a soft cloth until smooth and bright.
    3, the floor to avoid prolonged contact with the water, in particular, can not be in contact with hot water, so once the hot water sprinkled on the floor,replacement wall panels for house boats

    to dry in time. If inadvertently a large area of ​​flooding or local long time being soaked in water, if water stagnation should promptly dry with a dry cloth, and let it dry naturally, it is forbidden to use the electric heater drying or sun exposure.

  • Wood floor care needs patience and carefulDateWed Jan 17, 2018 7:50 am

    Keep the floor dry and clean
    Allow the water mop mop or scrub with alkali water, soapy water, so as not to damage the brightness of paint,Buy Wood-Plastic Composite Decking
    damage to the film. In case of gray or dirty dry mop can be used or wring wet mop wipe. Wax once a month or two months (water vapor and stain before waxing clean).
    Prevent water leakage on the ground
    In case of heating or other leaking on the ground, must be promptly cleaned,pvc foam board panel

    can not be directly exposed to the sun or electric baking, so as not to dry too fast, cracking the floor.
    Do not put the hot tub on the floor
    Good paint the floor for a long time, should not be covered with plastic sheeting or newspaper, paint over time will be tacky, tarnished, and avoid hot water pots, hot rice cooker and other objects directly on the floor surface,alternative waterproof flooring

    the application of wood Or mat pad with, so as not to burn the film.
    Floor stains removed in time
    Local board accidentally stained stains should be promptly removed, if traces of oil can be used cloth or mop dipped in warm water or a small amount of detergent to wipe, can also be used with a mild detergent and scouring scrub. If the stain is serious, use this method is invalid,covering wood deck with plywood floor

    you can use high-quality sandpaper or steel wool gently wipe. In the case of smudges of medicines, beverages or paints, they must be removed before the stains have penetrated into the wooden surface. Wipe off with a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax.
    Floor to avoid the sun exposure
    After laying the paint floor, minimize direct sunlight, so as to avoid excessive paint exposure to ultraviolet light, premature crack and aging. Floor furniture placed on the use of rubber or other soft pad up to prevent scoring floor paint.
    Curled up the floor to be replaced
    Floor in the course of the use, if found that individual floor upturned or off, should promptly take off the floor, shovel the old plastic and ash, coated with new plastic,decorator fence 2ft high decorative balcony

    compacted; if the individual floor paint film is damaged or exposed white, available 400 water Sandpaper dipped in soapy water, then wipe clean, to be dry, the local complement color, color dry, then painted a paint, dried for 24 hours, with 400 water sandpaper polishing, and then rub the wax for polishing.

  • Camphor wood flooring how to maintain it?DateMon Jan 15, 2018 5:41 am

    1, camphor wood flooring and the general floor is different, it should be wet, avoid dry, so camphor wood floor in particular should not be exposed, avoid blowing air on the wooden floor. Camphor wood floor to be possession of moderate, the cupboard to store objects, not to exceed the door frame,cost for deck installation

    if often hard squeeze hard plug, will cause cabinet door deformation.
    2, camphor wood flooring camphor wood board is generally brittle, such as the desktop, chair surface. Always pay attention to prevent bumps and bruises, if you use or move, found the focus at the Department of tenon,solid plastic core flooring

    must be re-glued sealed use. Camphor wood flooring generally use a longer period, so usually should always protect the floor surface coating, preferably every three months,waterproofing wpc deck for basement

    wipe with a little wax, not only to increase the beautiful floor, and I protect the wood.
    3, to prevent alcohol, banana water and other solvents flip. Otherwise it will make the floor surface long 'scar'. Encounter the floor surface contaminated with dirt,cost to maintain wood deck

    wash with mild soapy water, dry, then wax again to restore the original appearance, but avoid using gasoline, kerosene, turpentine and other solvent liquid rub, otherwise it will wipe the surface The gloss of paint and paint.

  • Wood floor cleaning matters needing attentionDateFri Jan 12, 2018 3:51 am

    1, dust sweep the garbage with a soft broom, you can also use the vacuum cleaner to absorb some dust. But do not advocate the use of vacuum cleaners,physical property of wood plastic composite

    if not pay attention, vacuum cleaners will scratch the floor. Re-use a more dry cloth mop mop the floor, drag the floor immediately after the dry towel to dry the water stains.
    2, in the clean corner, you can use soft hair toothbrush for processing. Pay attention to clean the wooden floor, the mop must be wrung, until the feet do not step on the hard water,recycled plastic planks perth

    can take to mop the floor, then, within 3-5 minutes to dry the water. If the floor has water stains, wipe with a soft towel and neutral paper. Must use a relatively soft cloth mop and towel, the above can not be corrosive substances.
    3, if the wood floor dirt is more serious, can not use soapy water (alkaline) in addition to dirt,composite outdoor fencing

    you can go to the market to buy a special neutral wood floor cleaner to decontamination.
    4, no matter what kind of wood flooring are afraid of water, if the wooden floor is soaked in water for a long time, the bubble of the passage of time will be deformed,how to build a freestanding deck bench

    and even warp. Wooden floor water should be promptly dried water stains; rainy days to close the window to prevent rain drifting into the corrosion and soaking wooden floors; in wet weather, especially back to Nantian, heavy air humidity, available dehumidifier to Strengthen the ventilation, let the air become dry.
    5, wooden flooring should try to avoid glare, especially solid wood flooring. Long-term bright light will make the floor peeling cracked, so in the vicinity of the window,non slip plastic floor price

    the sunny day should pull down the curtains to block the glare.

  • 1, The new wall or floor, often emit a pungent smell of paint, and remain in the room for a long time, dizzying, very uncomfortable. At this time you can put two pots of brine in the room,membina pavilion luaran anda sendiri

    paint smell will be quickly eliminated. If it is the smell of paint emitted by wood furniture, you can use a few times scrub tea, paint smell will be eliminated faster.
    2, erase the sofa food stains cloth surface sofa contaminated by food, to be cleared immediately. If it is polluted by fruit juice, tea, etc., first wipe the water with a tissue,salutan plastik bahagian kayu

    then wipe it with a neutral detergent for the kitchen and finally wipe with water. Chocolate and other oily dirt, then wipe with volatile oil.
    3, to prevent the yellowing of the wall: the wall first brush again, and then brush the floor, dry the floor, and then brush the original wall to ensure that the white walls. First wooden floor paint finish,produk pagar komposit komposit

    completely dry and then brush the wall. It should be noted that, after brushing the walls and floors, be sure to breathable, so that various chemical components as volatile as possible to avoid chemical reactions.
    4, decontamination of the floor with dirt on the floor, available with a small amount of ethanol mixed alkaline cleaning solution to wipe. The B drunk is due to add ethanol will enhance the detergency.Bakelite floor can also be used to remove dirt. As ethanol can make wooden floor discoloration,lantai papan vinil kalis air

    should first use a small amount of rags mixture applied to the dirt Department, wipe with a clean rag. If the wood floor does not change color, you can rest assured that use.

  • trombone is even more essentialDateTue Jan 09, 2018 3:27 am

    Currently entering the Chinese market in Switzerland, "Lucent" floor is KRONOSWISS original brand. The taste is as high as in the Alps In Switzerland, the alphorn is an irreplaceable symbol. There are souvenir postcards, chocolates and cheese wrappers everywhere;alternatives to traditioning fencing ideas
    in the traditional Swiss festival, the alphorn trombone is even more essential. Keep the show. Like Luxemburg's rich corporate culture and intension, which aims to make its clients choose "to experience Switzerland and taste life," KRONOSWISS's spokesperson is also FRANZKELLER,Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Wholesale in UK
    the famous Swiss national artist whom the policy makers took pains to invite. FRANZKELLER is one of the few artists designated by the Swiss Tourism Board to perform Alpaca in every country in the world. He skillfully manipulated this beautiful arc of the "big guy."outdoor storage bin public area hotel

  • largest professional floor manufacturersDateTue Jan 09, 2018 2:20 am

    It is one of the largest professional floor manufacturers in China. It is the first flooring company to acquire China **** and one of the four brands with the title of "China Top Brand Product" in the flooring industry. One of the first batch of national MSPs ,Plastic Lattice Roof Panels
    China's first floor laminate flooring up and down the assembly line, bamboo flooring sales of similar products in the country first, laminate flooring sales of similar products in the country second, parquet sales nationwide similar products third ...... 1200 square meters.Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Wholesale in UK
    The first flagship store on the floor is located at Fuson America Home. In 2007, the first flagship store was upgraded to a comprehensive upgrade. The new showroom re-loaded with elegant style, beautiful environment, novel layout, rich products, easy to purchase,boat teak flooring

  • Wood flooring precious high qualityDateWed Jan 03, 2018 3:23 am

    has the tenacious character that craftsmanship and technology have given it to meet its needs. Expert solutions: The texture and texture of the cork floor surface is determined by the process of processing cork bark, which is close to nature and has a stable performance,best composite decking value chain
    proven cork flooring will not mold, and will not cause insects, and will not cause harm to the human body Any allergic reaction. Wood flooring precious high quality, a few days ago, a company announced because of the merle is endangered species of wood,Eco-friendly Wood Plastic Composite Flooring Wholesale in UK
    so stop selling the wood floor. However, this reporter has learned that, in addition to Muxianmu, most of the current market sales of solid wood flooring are rare species of wood. Valuable wood species characteristics, as a floor, of course, good,consumer reports composite decking ratings

  • Wood floor waxing maintenanceDateTue Jan 02, 2018 4:43 am

    Step1: Clean the floor
    Before waxing, do not use a cloth containing chemicals to clean the floor, which can lead to poor adhesion of the floor wax. Before waxing, the floor surface must be cleaned of rubbish and dust,Waterproof Wood-Plastic Composite Decking For Sale
    either with a vacuum cleaner or with a diluted neutral detergent.
    Step2: Dry the floor
    After cleaning, to carefully check the dry surface of the floor, especially the residual part of the trench detergent, otherwise it will lead to the surface whitening,wholesale pvc fence panels suppliers

    bulging, until the water is completely dry after waxing, depending on the season, the required drying time is also different Summer generally only 10 to 20 hours.
    Step3: waxing
    Shake the container with the floor wax, and stir it evenly, before the overall waxing in the room can be partially unobtrusive trial to confirm no abnormalities and then the overall waxing. Then use a clean rag or a dedicated waxed mop to fully dip floor wax, carefully applied in accordance with the direction of the wood floor of the floor,cheap porch floor non-slip

    do not leak coated or uneven thickness, the key is to keep waxing uniform thickness. Do not lay the floor wax directly on the floor, otherwise it will produce marks and circles marks. Finally polished with imported machinery polishing, so the floor will look more bright.
    Be careful when waxing
    Waxing wood floor finish, wait for the floor to dry and then walk on it. Floor waxing is to wax the cured air, water vapor, dust, at the same time play a non-slip, anti-wear, anti-static effect,composite4x8 boat deck material

    so as to better maintain the floor, to extend the life of the floor. However, according to professionals, in the process of waxing the wood floor,home depot balcony installation price

    the chemical substances in the floor wax are volatilized into the air, and even in a narrow space, the concentration of chemical substances can even reach the flammable level.
    Therefore, when consumers choose to wax, remember not to close the windows and doors, keep indoor ventilation, making chemical substances can not be accumulated in the air; In addition, waxing in the wood floor process, avoid smoking or use open flame, so as not to cause deflagration.

  • How to properly maintain the wooden floor?DateFri Dec 22, 2017 1:06 am

    In general, wooden flooring needs maintenance once every six months. So in the wood floor maintenance methods,Wholesale Top Composite Decking
    to be the most simple floor waxing is the most cost-effective way.
    We need to choose a good weather before we start to maintain the wooden floor because different weather and temperature will often have different effects on the floor in the home. Then you need to clean the floor again and again to keep the floor surface clean,eco friendly balcony wpc fences

    pay attention to the floor must be fully dried, so polished floor waxing can be perfect, if the wood floor is not dry, the wax can not be completely attached to the floor above.
    Wax first fully shaken, and then first in the local trial, if there is no exception can be assured of a wide range of use. Can not directly pour the floor wax on the floor,composite wood production process

    be sure to first fell on a clean cloth, and then wipe the floor until the floor to ensure uniform floor wax attached.
    After polishing the floor, we will start polishing again. Use scrub paper to grind the floorboard bit by bit, so that the final wooden floor is very smooth and bright. Normally for the floor to do a maintenance is to look at the floor of the square to charge,white composite fence planks philippines

    each specialized waxing companies are generally similar fees, you can find those who have been relatively good reputation waxing companies on-site service.

  • characteristics of different wood characteristicsDateFri Dec 08, 2017 5:08 am

    Timber cut back after the selection of timber is cut, in the past is across the lumber cut wood, so that waste of timber is very great, and because of the different growth characteristics of different wood characteristics, to produce the floor unstable.recycled plastic playground flooring
    The state-of-the-art Elephant Flooring uses the sloping wood from top to bottom, thus not only does not destroy the natural texture of the native tree material, effectively removes scarring, but also provides high utilization of wood and protects forest resources.Low Cost Outdoor WPC Decking Wholesale in UK
    Computer flowers cut a good material has a different pattern, if the splicing is not good will affect the decorative effect of color. St. Elephant Kang tree floor parquet will use the computer to choose from, to ensure that every piece of the fight together in the floor can be harmoniously displayed in the most primitive wood,is composite decking slippery in the winter

  • Wooden floor pavementDateFri Dec 08, 2017 1:06 am

    Often said that the quality of the third floor wooden flooring, seven sub-pavement, pavement quality for the later use of the floor is particularly crucial. Paving the environment before paving a comprehensive inspection is to ensure the quality of pavement an important part of,Wholesale Top Composite Decking
    if the environment is not up to the standard laying of the floor, the floor after a period of time prone to quality problems. The so-called speed is not up, so before starting paving, let us fully understand what environmental conditions in order to achieve the requirements of paving the floor.
    Detection of ground moisture content: water content tester with the ground moisture content, the standard requirements of ordinary ground 20%, the laying of geothermal floor standards 10%. If the ground moisture content is too high, the floor is easy to absorb water swelling, causing the floor arching, drums, sound and other issues,anticorrosive patio snap together tiles

    so if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, to dehumidification.
    Check the ground smoothness: with 2M ruler flat on the ground, with a 3mm thick feeler check the gap between the ground and the ruler, failed, then passed, then failed. If the ground is uneven,wood plastic composite distributor in iraq

    you need to use a blade chisel flat, in serious cases to re-leveling or self-leveling. Floor roughness is not up to the standard and the pavement, it will cause the floor chipping, Qi Qiao, arch, sound and other issues.
    Check the ground is solid: with a screwdriver handle or hammer on the ground,cheapest wood plastic composite fence factory

    check the ground is empty, peeled off. If the ground is empty or peeled off, you will need to reprocess the ground. Otherwise, after laying the floor for a period of time, there will be noise because the ground is not solid.

  • Solve the problem of insect floor wood insectsDateThu Nov 30, 2017 3:25 am

    1, material selection: wood flooring currently on the market are generally dried, stereotypes, painting the three processes, so that the wood itself with a variety of tree worms and eggs have been basically eliminated,Best Composite Decking Supplier
    as long as you choose to pay attention to those who choose no Insect eye, mildew, scar and water content to meet the national standard specifications (about 8% to 13%) can be.
    2, wood floor waxing: wood flooring is best to use after a period of waxing, also known as sealed wax. This can try to evaporate the residual moisture in the construction,list of composite decking manufacturers

    to extend the service life of the wooden floor.
    3, leveling the floor: Before laying the hair board (Daxin Ban or ten centimeter board) with wooden keel leveling the ground, the board is divided into 1200 × 600 specifications, each board spacing reserved for 1cm slit,pvc wood plastic price

    so that the original ground The moisture easily emanated to prevent the wooden floor from drumming phenomenon. Clean up the residual soil residue on the ground, sprinkle some insecticide may be appropriate to prevent the reproduction of worms (mites, etc.).
    4, brush preservatives: wood floors can be painted on the keel a layer of preservative used to prevent insects. Sprinkle insecticide on the ground can be sprinkled with insecticide, fungicide, or put some pepper,can i put composite decking over plywood

    because pepper can deworming but also refreshing, condensate. The original floor wooden floor brushing water asphalt, after the smell can be no smell.

  • Solve the problem of insect floor wood insectsDateThu Nov 30, 2017 3:25 am

    <P>1, material selection: wood flooring currently on the market are generally dried, stereotypes, painting the three processes, so that the wood itself with a variety of tree worms and eggs have been basically eliminated,<a href=''>Best Composite Decking Supplier</a>
    as long as you choose to pay attention to those who choose no Insect eye, mildew, scar and water content to meet the national standard specifications (about 8% to 13%) can be.</P>
    <P>2, wood floor waxing: wood flooring is best to use after a period of waxing, also known as sealed wax. This can try to evaporate the residual moisture in the construction,<a href=''>list of composite decking manufacturers</a>

    to extend the service life of the wooden floor.</P>
    <P>3, leveling the floor: Before laying the hair board (Daxin Ban or ten centimeter board) with wooden keel leveling the ground, the board is divided into 1200 × 600 specifications, each board spacing reserved for 1cm slit,<a href=''>pvc wood plastic price</a>

    so that the original ground The moisture easily emanated to prevent the wooden floor from drumming phenomenon. Clean up the residual soil residue on the ground, sprinkle some insecticide may be appropriate to prevent the reproduction of worms (mites, etc.).</P>
    <P>4, brush preservatives: wood floors can be painted on the keel a layer of preservative used to prevent insects. Sprinkle insecticide on the ground can be sprinkled with insecticide, fungicide, or put some pepper,<a href=''>can i put composite decking over plywood</a>

    because pepper can deworming but also refreshing, condensate. The original floor wooden floor brushing water asphalt, after the smell can be no smell.</P>

  • the market of water-saving toiletDateThu Nov 30, 2017 3:24 am

    products and to change the immature consumer psychology of "imported products that are good" in the past. It is understood that China Consumer Association recently conducted a survey on the market of water-saving toilet, the survey results show that domestic brands of toilet in appearance.Composite Fence Panels for Sale in Ireland
    and performance has greatly exceeded the imported products. This shows that in some areas, the quality of domestic brands as much as, or even higher than imported brands. Therefore, this time should increase the publicity of domestic brands, so that more consumers to accept the quality of domestic brands.Outdoor Wood Tiles | Wood Plastic Composite Decking
    At the same time, our building materials enterprises must recognize that innovation is the core of enterprise development. Now the market, the government can give the policy has been almost no energy advantage, labor costs are on the rise. Under such circumstances,cheapest tongue and groove decking

  • Do not strengthen the floor with waterDateThu Nov 23, 2017 1:51 am

    Laminate flooring is generally composed of four composite materials, namely wear-resistant layer, decorative layer, high-density substrate layer, the balance (moisture) layer. Strengthen the maintenance of the floor is relatively simple, because of its own characteristics, as long as the following points to note,Outdoor Composite Wall Panel Wholesale
    we can guarantee the normal use of the floor.
    Ordinary laminate flooring should not be laid in the kitchen and bathroom. After the laying of the floor, to maintain the circulation of indoor air. 12 hours after the floor installation,how to make a dance floor cheap vinyl

    staff can move around, furniture can be moved after 24 hours.
    More than half a month uninhabited room, be sure to open the window every 4 to 5 days 2 to 3 hours to avoid damp wood flooring arch. Always keep the wooden floor dry and clean, wooden floor with a vacuum cleaner,lowest price deck boards composite

    the need to use a damp mop to clean, do not use a lot of water to clean the floor.
    Strengthen the floor to avoid the strong direct sunlight and high temperature artificial light long-term grilling, so as not to dry the surface of the floor and aging. Pay attention to the details of daily life. Do not throw matches and cigarettes on the wooden floor. Once the floor is burned,cheap exterior walls for sale

    it will seriously affect the appearance and make troublesome to repair. Avoid sharp objects scratch the floor surface, at the bathroom and kitchen door to keep clear of seepage effusion.

  • Effective maintenance of wood flooring methodsDateThu Nov 23, 2017 1:01 am

    1, before cleaning the floor to remove foreign matter, remove dust. When cleaning the wooden floor, remove the foreign objects such as toys and buttons before cleaning, and then remove the dust,Plastic Wood Deck Wholesaler
    hair and spider webs on the floor surface, under the furniture, corner, etc. by using the broom, vacuum cleaner, dust remover and mop It is the entrance to the entrance to the house and the main entrance, because most of the dirt and dust are from here.
    2, choose the right detergent. According to the floor material,composite decking stair installation

    select the appropriate floor cleaner, before use, in accordance with the degree of contamination, the amount of floor detergent into the bucket dilution, then the mop from the interior to the door direction mopping.
    If it is a corner or floor seam less easily cleaned place, you can use the old toothbrush directly with a floor cleaner brush, you can also directly to the floor cleaner on the rag wipe, and then rinse with water.However, some floor cleaners have high concentrations of surfactant. When the floor is over,build a balau timber pergola

    the semi-wet floor will be more likely to be contaminated with dust and the result will be more dirty. Therefore, pay special attention to the selection of products with good reputation.

  • Wood flooring damp handling tipsDateWed Nov 15, 2017 9:46 am

    ▲ moisture-proof measures
    Rainy windows, check the water pipes, the ground can not be installed overheating construction, cement floor, hair ground, geothermal ground, you need to add good performance of moisture-proof film. Keel or hair floor installation method, should avoid keel and hair floor wet. Animal urine, accidental sprinkler,Plastic Wood Deck Wholesaler
    promptly removed. Rugs covered on the floor, etc., should not be too large (less than 1 square meter), the cover needs to be breathable.
    ▲ damp floor treatment
    The floor has been severely damp or soaked for more than 30 minutes. Will appear deformation, drum up, blistering, loss of gloss and so on. This floor was basically scrapped,reviews on armorpoxy paint

    it should be replaced, and pay attention to the water under the floor cleared and dried.
    For mild soaked and damp floor (observe whether there is any obvious deformation) can be dry, ventilated, if necessary, open the floor to observe the ground with or without water, if necessary,composite wood building material

    Light damp wood flooring, can be placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry. Be careful not to blow hair, sunlight exposure, drying, which will speed up the floor serious deformation, damage to the surface. Moisture floor deformation, drum up, bubbles and so on. Good recovery in the environment,wood decking composite for sale cheap

    the extent of the defects will be reduced to strengthen the floor do not oil care, waxing, etc., the best solid wood floor waxing (except for solid wood), oil care, to be carried out after the restoration of the wood floor 1-2 months after the oil care).

  • What is wood flooring essential oilDateTue Nov 14, 2017 5:49 am

    The essential oil used in the wood floors on the market today is actually similar to the essential oils used in cosmetics. They are volatile aromatic substances extracted from plants such as flowers, leaves, seeds, bark, roots, etc., except that the essential oils extracted from different plants . The essential oils formulated with imported cypress resin and phytoncide from natural trees have the effect of deep moisturizing,The Best PVC Decking For Sale
    preventing cracking and repairing fine cracks. Therefore, this is also the reason why some sellers will recommend consumers to use wood for maintenance.
    Is used for wooden antiques, carvings, mahogany furniture and other products,are composite decks worth the money

    as refined from plants, easy to penetrate into these solid wood products play a moist, prevent the role of chapped.
    First of all, we must make it clear that composite wood flooring is certainly not used, compressed composite wood flooring, once the infiltration of essential oil destroyed the internal structure,supplier wpc siding wall panel

    but is not conducive to; and solid wood flooring and density of mahogany Different from the varnish, most of the solid wood flooring on the market has a thin layer of wear-resistant paint to protect the surface. It is not easy for the essential oil to penetrate into the wooden floor through the paint. Even if it can be permeated,application wall cladding materials

    it takes at least a long time, It's hard to guarantee that essential oils will not be taken away from wood floors. Therefore, once the essential oil fails to infiltrate the wooden floor, it can not play the role of repairing fine cracks.

  • Material pavement lay damp proof foundation
    Want to avoid the complex moisture work in the decoration of the rational choice of materials and paving will be able to lay the foundation for the first round of our high-density wood flooring substrate has good moisture resistance,Plastic Wood Deck Wholesaler
    but also a lower water absorption Thickness expansion rate, at the same time, the outer layer of wear-resistant layer, basket hardwood flooring cost

    decorative paper, etc. can be a good plate and air isolation, play a waterproof role.
    At the same time, during the renovation of the floor pavement environment and paving methods will have a certain impact on the moisture after the installation of the best choice for sunny and well ventilated weather to ensure that the ground moisture basically lost and after the floor pavement number There will be no rain in the days,treated wood vs composite fence

    the floor before storage in a dry environment for one to two days to ensure that the entire construction period of the environment dry.
    Note the humidity and temperature adjustment
    Summer hot weather, air conditioning has become one of the necessary refreshing appliances at home, and the use of time and manner of air conditioning will have a certain impact on the moisture-proof floor,steel manufacturing process flowchart

    in the hot season, the floor tends to damp expansion phenomenon, therefore, Indoor use of air conditioners can be appropriate for dehumidification and cooling, but also should pay attention to avoid large air-conditioning before and after the temperature difference, so as not to shrink the wooden floor to keep the seam.

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