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  • Energy saving vertical mill comes into the marketDateWed Jan 24, 2018 1:51 am

    With the wide application of vertical mill, there are more and more types of vertical mill for sale on the market every day, among which energy-saving vertical mill is the best seller. This is because the government and many enterprises have to promote the green production policy. Therefore, in the purchase of the vertical roller mill, more and more enterprises are considering about the production efficiency of the equipment. At the same time, they also priority to the energy saving effect of the vertical mill, so energy saving vertical mill is becoming more and more popular, which has formed a professional perspective, in addition to the energy saving function, it also has other obvious advantages than the traditional vertical mill.
    Energy saving vertical mill has changed the structure of the original vertical mill, so that the body and chassis are integrated. During the installation, it can be suspended on the basis of one-time level. Energy saving vertical mill is made up of feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts. Hollow shaft adopts steel castings, and the liner is detachable; the slewing gear is hobbing with casting; the cylinder body is equipped with wear-resistant liner, which has good resistance to wear. The machine runs smoothly with reliable operation performance. Its main bearing adopts double row self-aligning spherical roller bearings, which can reduce energy consumption by 30%. The original lattice type forced discharging into easy flow control the discharge, which can increase the grinding granularity and the capacity can be increased to 15-20%. The following are the characteristics of Energy-saving vertical mill:
    1. Energy saving: bush bearing is replaced by rolling bearing, so the friction force is reduced greatly; it has easy starting, and the power consumption is saved by 10-15% than the old vertical mill;
    2. Large processing capacity: due to the adoption of the standard discharging disc and grid plate of milling machine, so the energy saving volume has been increased for more than 20%;
    3. Convenient operation: due to the use of the integrated frame, it is convenient for construction and installation of the equipment in the operation fields.
    Our company has been engaged in the research and development of energy-saving vertical mill for many years, which can produce ceramic vertical mill, cone vertical mill and other vertical mill equipment with complete models. We have won more than 10 advanced patent certificate of mining equipment industry, which plays the leading role in domestic milling machine production enterprises. With high quality, reasonable price and perfect after-sales service, we will escort for your device and production!

  • In recent years, the comprehensive process of coal ash has become an important economic policy which mainly owes to the application of ultrafine mill, and this machine effectively solves the problem of pollution of the production environment in the power generating industry in our country.
    The coal ash ground by the high suspension grinding mill can be added in to the concrete in order to increase the pumpability of the concrete, and at the same time, reduces its sudden changes in property and the heat of hydration and heat expansibility, and increase its impervious ability and the modificability. In addition, after being processed by this machine, the coal ash is used as good building material which can be used in the production of baking-free brick and environmentally-friendly brick, thus realizing the comprehensive utilization of the resources.
    The process of the coal ash by the ultrafine mill effectively solves the coal ash disposal problem in the power station and makes a great contribution to the environmental protection and the reasonable utilization of the resources.

  • Why users choose our crushing equipment?DateWed Jan 03, 2018 2:44 am

    Our company is a professional manufacturer specialized in producing all kinds of mining machinery, construction machinery and building materials machinery, such as rock crusher, sand maker , ball mill, pulverizer, magnetic separator, flotation machine, vibrating screen, elevator, conveyor belt, and so on. We are committed to solving a variety of problems for our users. Since our machines are so preferred by a wide clients, then what advantages our machines endow with? Here we would like to introduce for you one by one:
    1. High quality assurance. Our crushers are developed based on reasonable technologies and several years of experience, and capable of handling a variety of materials no matter in quality or in performance.
    2. Comprehensive and considerate technical support. Throughout the whole process of selecting, installing and using of the machine , we will give specific advice and guidance to the customers to ensure a safe and secure production.
    3. Perfect after-sales service. If there is any problem in the practical process, you can consult us immediately. And if the problem can not be resolved satisfactorily via the phone, we will directly send the local service to solve the problem on site for the clients. We will try our best to reduce the downtime, in order not damage customers benefits.

  • Mobile crusher used in gravel miningDateFri Dec 22, 2017 7:06 am

    Gravel quarry and gravel mining is very important. You need to be careful when choosing gravel stone crusher. There are many types for gravel mining. Jaw crusher can be used as primary gravel crusher equipment. You can change its finished size according to your requirements just by adjusting the devices. Gravel impact crusher is often used as secondary gravel crusher equipment. The spotlight of mobile crusher for gravel crushing is that the finished size is of uniform since its finished power is in good, cubic shape and without tensility and cranny. The final product of the impact crusher is greatly used in highway and railway surface as well as water and electricity industry. Impact crusher is the ideal choice for gravel crushing and screening.
    Mobile gravel crusher is used in the mobile crushing plant, it unite crushing and screening process. Vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, vibrating screen and crushing machine make up the complete portable crusher plant which includes mobile jaw gravel crusher, mobile impact gravel crusher, mobile cone gravel crusher, mutlti-crushing complete mobile gravel crusher, crawler type hydraulic mobile gravel crusher etc.
    Apart from jaw crusher, impact crusher,our company have rocommend to use cone crusher and VSI crusher.Two stone vibrating screens are installed after impact crushers. This is all for stationary crushing plant. If you need mobile crushing plant for gravel mining, we can also provide you.

  • The low situation of mining machinery, the limits national policy, the great competition of quarry crusher manufacturer and the decrease of market demand all that reasons led to malignant price war in mining industry.
    One thing has its dual characters, positive and negative, market economy is no exception, it has advantages and disadvantages. Under the market economy environment, unfair competition is more and more obviously. Although seemingly calm, but in reality it is simmering. Every crusher manufacturer was tried their best to cutting prices. However, that is not too simple as you can see, because the malignant price war has destroyed the balance of market economy in Henan mining machinery.
    Of course, as a strong quarry crusher manufacturer, we sticks to do international business depend on itself brand and strength, what's more, we successfully avoid the price war. And as a pretty famous manufacturer, we suggests that only with a low price to win the customer is not desirable, we should pay more attention to quality and cost. Reasonable price, better quality and good after-sale service can keep your company develop great.

  • Ultrafine Grinding has a wide range of applications and market demand, which is closely related to the performance of ultra-fine grinding.The ultrafine mill has improved the efficiency, output and the granularity of finished products, optimized the drawbacks of the grinding machine, and greatly improved the production and energy saving. Shanghai world to introduce to you is ultra-fine grinding work principle and main advantages, to help you more understand ultra-fine grinding!
    1. The working principle of ultrafine grinding
    ultrafine Grinding principle: grinding material by the lock wind feeding equipment into the rotating disc center, under the action of centrifugal force, materials to the periphery of the disc movement, into the grinding roller. It is crushed under the action of the grinding roller pressure. At the same time, the material after grinding is blown by the high speed airflow at the wind ring, drying the suspended material, fine powder by the hot air into the separator for grading, qualified fine powder collected by dust collection equipment for the product, unqualified coarse powder fell to the grinding mill, so cycle, complete the whole process of grinding, to achieve the material crushing, drying, grinding, Select powder Integration operation. Ultrafine grinding mainly by the selection of powder machine, grinding roller device, disc device, pressure device, reducer, motor, shell and other components. Separator is an efficient and energy-saving powder separator. Grinding rollers are parts used to crush materials. The disc is fixed on the output shaft of the reducer and is the place where the grinding roller presses the material. The pressurizing device is a part that provides roller pressure for the rollers, and provides sufficient pressure to grind the rollers to crush the material.
    2. Ultrafine Mill advantage.
    (1) The cost of production and investment greatly reduced: ultra-fine grinding system process, compact layout, small area, covers an area of about 70% of the ball mill system, the construction space of about 60% of the spherical grinding system and can be arranged in the open air, directly reducing the investment costs of enterprises. and ultrafine grinding equipment itself has a separator, do not need additional powder separator and lifting equipment. The dust-containing gas can be collected directly by a bag-type dust collector or electrostatic precipitator.
    (2) High production efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection: ultrafine grinding using the material layer grinding principle grinding materials, low energy consumption, grinding system power consumption than the ball mill low $number, and with the increase in raw material moisture, energy-saving effect more obvious. The energy consumption of ultrafine grinding equipment system is $number compared with the ball-milling system. Ultrafine grinding equipment in the work of the ball mill in the collision of steel balls, impact of the lining plate of metal impact sound, so the noise is smaller than the ball mill low 20~25db. In addition, ultrafine grinding equipment using a fully closed system, the system under negative pressure, no dust, clean environment.
    (3) Material drying Ability: ultrafine grinding using hot air conveying materials, in the powder grinding water larger materials can be controlled into the air temperature, so that products meet the final moisture requirements. In ultra-fine grinding equipment can be dried-powder grinding into the $number material.
    (4) Easy to operate, easy to maintain: equipped with automatic control system, can be achieved remotely controlled, easy to operate, through the overhaul of the cylinder, turning the arm, can be convenient and fast replacement of the roller sleeve, liner, reduce the loss of enterprise downtime.
    (5) Product quality is stable and easy to test: the chemical composition of the product is stable, particle grading is homogeneous, which is conducive to calcination. The time for the material to stay in the ultrafine grinding equipment is only 2~3min, and the 15~20min in the ball mill. Therefore, the chemical composition and fineness of ultrafine grinding equipment can be determined and corrected quickly.
    (6) Small wear, high utilization rate: Because of ultra-fine grinding equipment running in the grinding roller and disc no direct contact between metal, wear small, the unit product metal consumption is generally 5~10g/t.
    Fully visible, ultra-fine grinding is prevalent in the cause of the basic satisfaction of the current customer demand for grinding equipment, I believe that with the continuous improvement of technology, ultra-fine grinding of the product performance will be more perfect, also only so can grasp the market, not be eliminated!

  • In the past years, the ordinary sand making industry is developing quite well and has made much progress and contribution. However, the situation that we are lacking high end sand making machine has been changed so far, resulting in the worse and worse case when customers have enough cash in their pocket but there is no chance for them to get access to the high end sand makers or sand making machines.
    Although we have gained the best materials, we will not realize high production without the best equipment. Based on this situation, our company has cooperation with the foreign developed country by adopting its advanced technology. We together research and develop the centrifugal rotor sand maker with the original German technology. It is the best high end sand making machine that has ever seen on the domestic market with the following features:
    1. The high-end sand making machine has wide range of applications not only in the production line of washing traditional stones like lime stone, cobbles and quartz stones but also in the processes of washing tailings, pitch blend, slag, glass and construction wastes.
    2. The new sand maker has huge feeding port and is able to absorb hard and medium hard materials with the stone size of 60 mm, and to swallow soft and medium soft materials with the stone size of 100 mm.
    3. The sand maker adopts the double chamber rotor structure which is has been the patent of our company in the world. This technology increases the production efficiency as much as 40%, reduces the rotor abrasion as much as 25% and lowers the energy consumption as much as 25%.
    Looking at the development of today's sand making industry, we can easily find that more and more customers doing sand and stone production business start to transfer their attention and concern to the high end sand makers. With the new advanced sand makers made by our company, customers will benefit from the application of the machine and make as much profit as they expect.

  • The enormous market of sand making machineDateSat Nov 25, 2017 6:45 am

    The demand for sand making machine is still being hot even though the national stock is being in one worse situation. The artificial sand is the inevitable raw materials, and those projects such as the railway, road, the water conservancy, the chemical all cannot get rid of the artificial sand and the cement.
    VSI sand making machine is combining the practical situation with the advanced technologies being introduced from the overseas on the basis of experiencing so many times; research, and this machine is widely being used in the following fields such as the high-level building construction, high-speed railway, road paving, the municipal engineering projects, the large-scale water conservancy, concrete mixing station and so on.
    The advantage of sand making machine is including the higher output, better granularity, lower cost by comparing with the similar products, and this machine can be the first choice for the artificial sand making and the stones reshaping.
    SBM has been in mining machinery for more than 30 years, especially for the stone crushing equipment and sand making equipment, and our company has gotten the higher compliments from the customers, which is famous for its bigger processing capacity, lower production cost, short-termly recycling period.

  • According to the survey, in Xuchang, in recent years the city's urban construction waste disposal out of a new road, relying on the construction of garbage crushing equipment to promote, its processing capacity is increasing, increasing the amount of construction waste The enormous pressure on the city is gradually disappearing. Only rely on urban construction waste crusher this year, the city's annual savings of about 300 acres of land, and landfill of urban construction waste disposal method before this is almost national general, if they adopt a new approach, will save a very Considerable land resources.
    One of the important reasons for the significant negative impact of construction waste on urban development is that it produces a large number and is persistent, so it also determines that we can not find a way to solve the problem completely. What we need is Can continue to carry out efficient construction waste crusher. Human society development today, we can not just from their own point of view to consider the problem, the environment, resources, and so we need careful care, rational use,
    Construction waste treatment equipment research and development success of urban construction waste disposal has entered a new stage, in the new era of socialist development began a new journey.

  • On November 1, the second plenary session of the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal People's Congress voted at the second plenary session of the Standing Committee of Qingdao Municipal People's Congress, which passed the Regulations on the Utilization of Construction Waste from Qingdao City (Draft Bill), which is the national recycling of construction waste Of the second case of local laws and regulations, which covers the pre-treatment of construction waste and the use of recycled products and so on, after the approval of the Provincial People's Congress Standing Committee will be formally implemented.
    Urban construction waste with the accelerated process of urbanization, its production is increasing, is currently more than 90 percent of our cities are facing serious problems. Local governments continue to introduce urban construction waste disposal measures is our people to improve the awareness of environmental protection and conservation, but also from the side to prove that we are facing a severe environmental situation, the lack of natural resources has caused more and more people Attention, how to effectively use the limited resources to become an important issue.
    The emergence of construction waste crusher asked the solution to this problem provides a convenient channel, our company's mobile crushing station is to show a high ability to adapt to the extensive use of renewable resources to provide the possibility of the equipment , The urban construction waste disposal quickly into the fast lane, the system is also constantly improve, but also for the construction of environmental protection and conservation of society to add a new impetus.

  • According to the survey, in recent years the city's urban construction waste disposal out of a new road, relying on the construction waste crusher to promote, its processing capacity is growing, increasing the amount of construction waste to the city The great pressure is gradually disappearing. Only rely on urban construction waste disposal this year, the city's annual savings of about 300 acres of land, and landfill of urban construction waste disposal method before this is almost national general, if all the new approach, will save a very Considerable land resources.
    One of the important reasons for the significant negative impact of construction waste on urban development is that it produces a large number and is persistent, so it also determines that we can not find a way to solve the problem completely. What we need is Can continue to carry out efficient urban construction waste disposal. Human society development today, we can not just from their own point of view to consider the problem, the environment, resources, and so we need careful care, rational use,
    Construction waste treatment equipment research and development success of urban construction waste disposal has entered a new stage, in the new era of socialist development began a new journey.

  • The portable crusher plant is produced to meet the requirement of society. This equipment has the advantages of good performance, high reliability, and attractive appearance. It is widely used in the road construction, city construction, metallurgy industry, and energy industry.
    Portable crushing station can provide the whole set of crushing equipment. Its installation is very flexible. It is effective for the coarse crush and fine crush. We can produce this set of machine, such as: portable jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, and vibrating screen.
    Introduction to the performance of portable crushing station: high-performance electromotor and control box, jaw crusher, cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, feeding machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, installation bracing, and axis of traction.

  • Why are grinding mills the most efficient grinders?DateWed Oct 18, 2017 3:17 am

    The grinding mill has a wide range of applications among so many mining machines and it is regarded as the highest working efficiency ore milling equipment.Today our experts will tell you the secret of the most efficient grinding machine, namely the importance of the ore grinding medium which will make difference to the ore beneficiation plants.
    First, the shape and materials of the grinding medium plays an important role. As one grinding medium with the direct influence on the minerals, the medium should meet two requirements: large surface area which can provide enough touching area with the minerals; much weight which will provide enough energy for the grinding materials.
    The particle size and the proportion of the grinding medium are also important factors for the grinding mill. The particle size of the medium will have much effect on the grinding mill impacting, pressing and grinding effects of minerals. Meanwhile we should also pay attention to the particle size and properties of the minerals that are to be ground.
    Last, the charge weight of the grinding medium has also great effect on the working efficiency of the grinding mill. When the diameter, length and the revolution of the grinding mill are fixed, the charge weight of the materials should be controlled within 50% so that the grinding mill available power will increase as well as the productivity. In addition, different revolution speeds will lead to different charging weight of the materials.

  • In the production process of vertical roller mill, its maintenance and its service life have a great relationship. The reasonable maintenance of the vertical mill can make the milling equipment work better and prolong his service life. In the production process of vertical roller mill, the equipment's precision, performance and production efficiency are affected by the wear, corrosion, burning and deformation of parts. While the correct operation can reduce the damage and prolong the service life of the equipment, the equipment will still wear and damage. Therefore, in addition to the correct use and maintenance, but also must be worn parts into the replacement, repair or improvement, to carry out the necessary maintenance plan.
    When it comes to the maintenance plan of vertical roller mill, it should be carried out seriously. The first is to have preventive maintenance, which is to prevent the equipment performance deterioration or reduce the probability of equipment failure, according to the planned and technical conditions prior to the maintenance activities. At the same time, the user should be based on the equipment frequently check records, production efficiency, in the equipment failure to carry out preventive repair improvements. This is a very important move. At the same time, a number of times that have failed to check. From the economic benefits to improve the equipment production efficiency of the maintenance method, it is based on the impact of equipment on the production of treatment. The unimportant equipment uses the ex post maintenance, the key equipment is preventive maintenance. Then, according to the information provided by condition monitoring and diagnostics technology, the necessary and appropriate repairs are carried out before the failure occurs.
    Maintenance plan must be combined with operators, in the use of equipment in the process, according to the material and equipment operation anomalies to make. The planned preventive maintenance is an important part of the management of equipment such as raymond mill, and also a component of enterprise production, technology and financial plan. The correct and realistic plan can unify the manpower and material resources to prepare the work beforehand, shorten the downtime of equipment, reduce the repair cost, repair the equipment on time, and arrange production in a rhythmic manner. can also improve work efficiency, improve production output. In the maintenance process of the mill, we must do a careful inspection, focus on the location, but also to carry out detailed inspection plan, this is very important.

  • Crushing machines or quarry crusher are the most important and popular tools used in the lime stone production line. The main ingredient of the lime stone is calcium carbonate which has many sources and applications and quite low production cost.
    The lime and lime stones are both used as the construction materials especially as the raw material applied in the cement production line. Generally, the lime stones need to be crushed in the first place and then to be ground when it is used in many different industries. The lime stone is also served as the principal raw materials for many other industrial fields; for example, it can be directly processed into the aggregated stones or be baked to the quick lime.
    When we try to select proper gold ore crusher to do the lime stone production, we should first figure out what are the final products that we want to produce. We have many other choices and we should consider our actual economic strength and our final goal to select the right mining equipment. With different types of crushers, users can make lime stone materials with different particle sizes and functions, which will meet the demands of various industries.
    Our company has manufactured a series of stone crushers including jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher and cone crusher. All these quality machines together with other mining tools like sand makers and ball mills will definitely satisfy most production demands from customers in the process of producing lime stones. For more information, please visit the homepage of our official website.

  • Gold ore processing production line priceDateFri Sep 22, 2017 9:13 am

    Gold ore crusher production line consists of feeding machine, crushing equipment, screening machine, belt conveyor, and concentrated electric control and so on. The gold ore crusher is usually divided into two or three crushing stages, if you have higher requirement on the final gold production size, the tertiary crushing equipment is necessary.
    Gold mining machine has an important role in gold mining industry. We are a professional gold mining machine manufacturer, We produce gold ore cursher and gold ore grinding machines,and we a lot of gold ore beneficiation line for your choose, In gold mining, high technology gold mining equipment, such as gold detectors, elegant modern dredges, and lightweight sluices also be needed.
    Oriental also has portable gold ore crusher machine, here are three options for portable crusher plant for gold ore crushing. They are definitely jaw series crusher, impact series crusher and cone series crusher. Their differences are their ore crusher installed at the crushing plant. Also our machine price and cost is attractive and reasonable.
    The mainstream gold ore dressing technology is generally through the gold crusher to broken gold ore, and transport by belt conveyor then sent into the gold grinding mill (such as ball mill) to be smashed and grinded. After the gravity separation and flotation, concentrate ore and tailings are extracted, and then by using chemical methods and final smelting, the finished product eventually become gold.

  • Vertical Mill is the most important mining machinery and equipment, it has a wide range of applications, such as metallurgy, building materials, chemicals and mines. Then you know it can also be used in power plants to handle cinder. Do not worry, the following will tell you the answer-vertical roller mill is a good helper to deal with Cinder.
    The discharge of waste residue is relatively large each year. These wastes require a large amount of land, capital and human capital. If handled improperly, it can cause great pollution and stacking problems. It could also lead to casualties and huge economic losses. Therefore, the research and utilization of coal cinder in power plant has been widely carried out in recent years. The use of new waste residue treatment with vertical roller mill brought a new hope for disposing cinder. It can reduce waste and turn waste into useful resources.
    The study confirms that in actual production, the coal cinder composition of the power plant contains a special material which can be used. At present, it has been able to make good use of industries in many fields, such as cement and building materials. The slag can be mixed into cement by micro-powder grinding, the new cinder cement can be used to manufacture high-strength building materials bricks. This kind of building brick surface is smooth, smooth, and has the strong compression, the breakage and the corrosion resistance and so on the performance. Because of low cost, the market space is very large. These measures not only solve the waste of resources, at the same time for coal enterprises and cement industry have solved very big difficulties, and greatly improved the work efficiency.

  • Grinding mill is suitable for various kinds of milling processes such as mineral powder, coal powder, gypsum mine and other powder processing. In production and use processes, it inevitably arises wear and damage phenomenon. Hence, excellent grinding miller is desperately needed. our company is one of the professional grinding mill suppliers, we manufacture grinding mill with the most advanced technologies. Its superior features are good abrasion resistance and long service life, thus greatly reducing abrasion and improving production efficiency.
    our company uses science and technologies to casting brilliant future of powder grinding equipment. What's mour, our comapny has also introduced latest and high-end grinding technology to improve comprehensive strength of vertical roller mill pulverizer. The grinding device adopts superimposed multistage seal, which has superior sealing performance and dust removing effect which has totally meet national discharging standards. Producing high-quality powder crushing machines is always the focus of this industry. The working environment of grinding mill is of mour dust and poor conditions, in order to ensure normal operation and lifespan, we must lubricate grinding mill according to lubricating table. The processing fineness of grinding mill is below 325 mesh, which can meet the requirements of the most of industrial powder.
    The raymond mill with new technology is of reasonable and advanced structure, small machine vibration, stable operation and reliable performance. With the increasing deterioration of global environment, people are paying mour and mour attention to energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. it's well known that pulveriver machine for powder is vital producing machine of industrial raw material and energy. Its efficiency improvement will be an important link of saving energy and resources. The current mining grinding industry conforms to the development trends of international low-carbon economy and brings new development chances to rapid development of industrial powder grinding industry. For many years, our company focuses on the production of raymond mill, ultrafine grinder, ball mill and other mechanical equipment, which owns the most professional technologies.

  • With the development of the times, market demand of grinding mill is increased year by year. Development of grinding mill is increasingly fast in these years. On the one hand, grinding mill develops towards large-scale direction. On the other hand, application of ultrafine mill is wider and wider, which involves pharmacy, coal, mine and other industries. Market demand shows value of grinding mill. Therefore, further research of grinding mill is still very necessary for a long time in the future. grinding mill is widely used grinding equipment in such industries as ore beneficiation, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, ceramic, electric power and so on. Although grinding mill a kind of equipment with low efficiency and large energy consumption, however, because of its superior overall characteristics, grinding mill is still professional grinding equipment which is broadly used.
    From the point of view of ceramic industry, development of vertical roller mill has a profound impact on ceramic industry. Practice shows that development climax of ceramic industry in China starts with technical equipment. As an indispensable and important part of technical equipment in ceramic industry, Chinaware bal mill with advanced technical level is of great significance. Chinaware grinding mill is developed based on long time of study and market demand of ceramic industry, which not only improves production capacity and crushing efficiency, but expands applicable range. According to production requirements, Chinaware grinding mill can use different types of lining board.
    Chinaware grinding mill is specially developed grinding grinding mill based on physical properties of ceramic materials, which has the features of low investment, energy conservation compared with similar production, novel structure, simple operation, safe use, stable performance, etc, which is suitable for mixing and grinding operation of ordinary and special materials. Customers can select the most suitable lining board and media according to yield, industrial characteristic and so on. Additionally, Chinaware grinding mill has improved production efficiency and reduced unit consumption, which has remarkable energy-saving effect.

  • As far as we know, grinding mill plays an important role in the mining machinery industry and it works as the main equipment to grind raw materials. Compared with other machines, the ultrafine mill tends to consume a large amount of energy, which requires the manufacturers to make improvement of the current grinding mill making technology in order to realize the energy saving and emission reduction goal. grinding mills development should not ignore the influence on the environment.
    Our company is specialized in manufacturing all kinds of mining machines such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing station, grinding mill, magnetic separator and drying equipment etc. The various types and speculations will surely meet customers demand. The vertical roller mill made by our company are improved according to the modern environment protective requirement. The new design and structure of the grinding mill makes the equipment run high efficiently and easy to maintain.
    Our grinding mill is made of new type of steel materials, which reduces the wasting pollution by a great amount. When the grinding mill is working, the adoption of the new feeding device makes the grinding mill run very stably without the past inertia impacting force, thus saving as much time as possible. The new generation of grinding mills can realize the ideal grinding effect of the materials with the highest efficiency. The latest technology makes the grinding mill emit little polluting air and wastes. It will be the first choice for customers to consider if they want to realize the economic profit and green operation.

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