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  • When we use high-pressure milling machine, we often see equipment requirements for the stone, such as high-pressure raymond mill suitable for grinding the hardness of the stone, the moisture content of the stone must be within a few percent. This makes the initial use of milling equipment users are very puzzled, stone moisture affect high-pressure milling machine output it?
    1, we all know, high-pressure milling machine stone processing, the first blade shovel to the grinding roller between the ring, and then, in the roller strong centrifugal force and the role of gravity, so that the stone is tightly crushed In the grinding ring, so gradually grinding the material ground into powder.
    2, when we understand the working principle of high pressure Raymond mill, it is not difficult to find, high pressure mill in the process of grinding stone, it is easy to produce a lot of heat in the grinding chamber. If we grind the stone larger water, the process of grinding water heated to a certain extent will evaporate. In this way, it is bound to change the direction of the air flow in the grinding chamber of the high-pressure milling machine. If more serious, it is still likely to lead to low-volume and even blasting accident occurred.
    3, when the high pressure mill on the stone milling process, if the stone moisture is too large, when being rolled, it is easy because the humidity caused by the adhesion of powder in the grinding chamber. In this way, with more and more adhesive stone powder, high-pressure milling machine speed, pressure is also increasing, and ultimately reduce the output of flour.
    4, Not only that, when the water is too large to form the phenomenon of adhesion, but also easy to increase the friction between equipment parts, reducing the speed of milling, but also caused great wear on the parts, or even reduce the high pressure mill The service life.

  • With the rapid economic development, every industry in our country is continuously and rapidly developing. The same applies to the machinery industry. In recent years, the market is more and more manufacturers of machinery and equipment. Including construction waste crusher in the market attention is not bad, many users invest in the construction waste crusher, then which of the construction waste crusher manufacturers are more popular here, let's take a look at it.
    SBM Heavy Industries is a manufacturer of machinery and equipment for many years manufacturers, in production has a wealth of production experience. As an old manufacturer, we give everybody good equipment for everyone's good service. The construction waste disposer is the equipment we have been producing all the time. So it is very handy and easy at the time of production. Our manufacturers of building waste shredders are now improved, just on the market has made rapid attention to the spotlight, but also to achieve the industry by leaps and bounds, and achieved remarkable success. And construction waste crusher is currently a small investment in the industry, quick and good project. I believe our construction waste crusher will give you a whole new experience. And we SBM Heavy Industry is free to experience the test machine, because we are an independent research and development production and marketing of the factory, so we will give you information about the equipment, and after-sales service is not bad, I also believe that we used the factory The users of the equipment should all know how our equipment is, so if you now need a construction waste crusher, you can come to our factory to have a look, I believe you will like our equipment.

  • Raymond mill feeding skillsDateMon Jan 15, 2018 8:06 am

    When operating a Raymond mill, it is important that you feed the material evenly. If you feed Raymond mill machine, then the feed is basically uniform. However, if the feeding to the manual operation, then there will be uneven feeding and other phenomena. If the feed to the Raymond mill inhomogeneity will lead to unevenness of the fineness of grinding and other issues, so that raymond mill grinding is very important.
    Raymond Mill customers milling, not only requires high output of milling, but also to achieve a certain degree of fineness and high quality. We want to make Raymond mill out of the powder with high quality and good productivity, then pay attention to the Raymond mill feed uniformity. Zhengzhou Zhonglei Machinery Co., Ltd. prompts to be in the Raymond mill, if you want to achieve the best efficiency, we must meet the requirements of his own.
    Raymond mill feed if uneven, it may just be too much feed or feed too little, if the feed is too much may cause damage to the Raymond mill, if less, you can reduce Raymond mill production. Raymond mill uneven feeding has a great harm. If the feed is too much, it will affect the normal work of Raymond mill, but also make the hoist and other ancillary equipment overload operation, output decline, reduce grinding efficiency or equipment accidents increase, the open road is easy to cause full grinding, Plugging and other phenomena, affecting the normal operation of Raymond mill. If you feed too little, it will reduce the production efficiency, resulting in Raymond wasting energy but not grinding enough material. Feed volume fluctuated, it will lead to Raymond mill load fluctuations, the quality of the finished product is not stable, is not conducive to safe operation. Therefore, uniform feeding is to ensure that Raymond mill an important part of the effective operation. Therefore, the normal operation of Raymond mill, you must feed evenly. Should be concerned about.

  • How to install the third generation sand making machine? After you buy back the third generation of sand making machine, how to properly install, it is a very important issue, if not properly installed, will lead to the entire sand production line to stop functioning, not only will cause damage to the sand making equipment More importantly, it will cause personal injury to the sand making machine operators.
    In a variety of gravel production lines and sand production line, sand making machine are usually accompanied by the crusher crushing equipment. So its installation and crusher have a great relationship.
    According to the different crushing sites, the location of the third generation sand making machine will also be different. Generally installed in the factory or open space for homework. The third generation sand making machine before installation, we must first inventory in accordance with the inventory, check the various components in the shipping process without wear and whether it is complete. Sanding machine should be balanced when installed so that the main shaft and the horizontal plane perpendicular to the sand on the top and sides should leave appropriate space for lifting and maintenance purposes.
    After the installation is complete, should still be a comprehensive inspection, such as: lube tube is securely connected. Shanghai sand making trial operation must be re-added a lubricant, and check the connection between the components is solid and reliable, there is no foreign matter on the impeller, the motor wiring is correct. After running, if abnormal circumstances should stop running immediately.

  • Construction waste energy savingDateFri Jan 12, 2018 3:07 am

    Now more and more construction waste in life, we have not thought about how to deal with it?
    As the process of urbanization speeds up, a high-rise building rises above the ground level and is truly magnificent. However, as the city becomes more and more beautiful, it has also brought great harm. The irrational use of construction waste is a major issue that we should solve now. Countries to promote low-carbon life, energy-saving emission reduction, sustainable development policy is vigorously implemented. So advocate people and government departments to pay great attention to, in order to better the environment of the city.
    Energy conservation is to save energy, reduce energy consumption, reduce pollutant emissions. Strengthen energy management and adopt measures that are technically feasible, economically reasonable and sustainable to the environment and society. In order to build a harmonious harmonious society, a resource-saving and environment-friendly society should be built to promote the structural adjustment of the economy. Should be a favorable resource - the rational use of construction waste in order to achieve the effect of energy-saving emission reduction.
    Looking at the recovery rate of construction waste in various countries in the world, great efforts should be made in the construction waste crusher in our country. The pollution of construction waste in our country is still serious and in large quantity, and the residual construction waste has not been properly utilized. Henan Acer Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. mobile crushing plant specializing in the crushing of construction waste, to achieve the traditional "building materials → buildings → construction waste" to "building materials → buildings → construction waste → renewable raw materials → new products," the new Building materials industry chain and recycling economy, low-carbon economy production and operation mode change.

  • The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are widely used as building materials and are also important raw materials for many industries. Limestone can be processed directly into stone and calcined lime. Lime lime and hydrated lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, generally block, pure white, light gray or light yellow when containing impurities. Lime absorb moisture or add water to become slaked lime, also known as hydrated lime hydrated lime, its main component is Ca (OH) 2. The slaked lime is formulated into lime mortar, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., for use as a coating material and tile binder. Limestone is a valuable resource with a wide range of uses Limestone is the product name of limestone as a raw material for minerals. Limestone is widely used in the history of human civilization because of its wide distribution and easy access in nature.
    The wider use of limestone widening, focusing on ultrafine mill efficiency and quality. Shanghai SBM Machinery Co., Ltd., the largest production base of micro-pulverized coal in China, has always been committed to the upgrading of micro-pulverizers. Because Shanghai SBM has a strong R & D department and elites, through continuous pioneering and enterprising, SBM has successfully developed: Model Different, fashionable and affordable micro-grinding a new generation of products, and mine crusher products: high-speed fine crusher, shaker, jaw crusher, belt and other equipment to meet different customer requirements, quality of product quality and Efficient after-sales service, customers receive the unanimous praise.

  • Why mobile crusher can not loadDateWed Jan 10, 2018 3:26 am

    Mobile crusher overload will mean that the device itself already has some problems, and this is a wake-up call, remind us to check and maintain it from time to time, there is a load situation, to be handled in a timely manner, do not drag, drag the longer The problem will be more serious, for the device itself will have a great impact, then we come to understand the next, it can not load the reason.
    The basic characteristics of the mobile crusher load uneven impact load, the belt drive case, the impact load will also have a great impact on the motor, pulley and drive pulley, causing the motor over-current, heat, belt and pulley wear and tear faster . Its overload on the one hand will increase the cost of equipment, accessories, but also increase equipment failure time and reduce the service life of equipment, which for large devices, the loss is enormous.
    Therefore, the mobile crusher motor overload protection is necessary, we can add between the motor and crusher pulley fluid coupling, this device has a strong overload protection.
    Through the above introduction, when we use the mobile crusher, we must check it in many ways, in advance prevention work, to a great extent to improve its efficiency

  • With the transformation of urban villages, urban renewal and other projects continue to accelerate the pace of implementation, the city has become more and more beautiful. However, the amount of construction waste has increased sharply with Japan, and construction waste crusher has become another major difficulty in environmental protection. Construction waste not only occupies land, but also has a serious impact on the surrounding environment, and even brings about the siege of the affected area, if not effectively managed in time, bound to be endless trouble.
    As we all know, with the continuous development of science and technology, construction waste has long been regarded as a misplaced resource. Recycling the faltering and problem-solving cities in the world, where is the construction waste going? The old method is to take the backfill, landfill and open storage mainly. How to deal with construction waste in a scientific, economical and effective way? ZENITH mine Portable crusher plant developed will be able to solve this problem, the construction waste can be transformed into new energy-saving building materials, and strive to avoid causing environmental pollution.
    Construction waste disposal equipment can crush and dispose of municipal construction waste on site. Put the construction waste into the house, after crushing, resulting in gravel, wood, steel, soil and so on. Equipment has three exits, one out of the mouth is broken steel, you can reuse; a mouth out of the building aggregate, roads can be made of accessories; a mouth is the soil, can be used as green soil, backfill soil .
    The utilization of construction waste is also a matter of concern to the municipal authorities. Therefore, the mobile crushing plant is also greatly supported by the government and is an environmental protection project. Construction waste is misplaced resources, as long as the rational use of resources can turn waste into treasure.

  • Mi Shi sand production lineDateMon Jan 08, 2018 2:56 am

    Rice stone sand machine introduction:
    After years of research on the sand making machine of rice stone sand making machine, referring to the working principle of the fine crushing machine at home and abroad, according to the feedback information of the using of the sand making machine, combining the advantages and characteristics with the experts of the National Machinery Research Institute Efforts to design and develop a new type of energy-efficient heavy-duty third generation sand and gravel dual-use machine. Its typical use is to adapt to the current (artificial sand-gravel) industry, at present, after the practice of heavy-duty third-generation sand and sand dual-purpose sand making machine performance is better than the impact crusher, rod mill Sand, really Impact sand making machine, as well as cone crusher and soft hammer crusher. The device is suitable for the mechanism of artificial sand, sand making field, high-grade highways, railways, water conservancy, construction, cement, Refractories, metallurgy, glass sand and other industries the preferred equipment for producing high quality stone.
    Mi Shi sand making machine hammer process:
    The biggest advantage of investment casting is due to the investment casting has a high dimensional accuracy and surface finish, it can reduce the machining work, but the parts require higher parts to leave a little allowance, and even some of the castings only Leave grinding, polishing allowance, you can use without machining. Thus, the use of investment casting method can save a lot of machine tools and processing time, a substantial saving of metal raw materials.

  • Sand making machine capabilities continue to penetrate the mining machinery sales market. At the moment when the country's economy progresses, no single industry exists as a lone kingdom. As there are inextricably links of all walks of life, the entire national economy can be said to be a one-off cause and a huge one for any suitable industry Turmoil will cause the disruptive development of all the domestic economy. Although the new sand making equipment in the machinery and equipment industry corner, however, it is all kinds of industries can make the normal day-to-day work of the basic protection. New sand making machine equipment has long been out of the team of mining machinery, with the overall taboo for all formed a compact industrial ties.
    Since the introduction of the policy of reform and opening up, the rapid development of the domestic economy has led to an irresistible development. Various industries are developing rapidly. Important industries such as railways, highways, mines, real estate and water conservancy are developing rapidly. The development of the new sand-making equipment industry derived from a suitable industrial link funds, the promotion of these basic industries require a lot of gravel, sand, which led to the rapid development of sand and gravel mining industry, mining sand industry Rapid development brings the peak of sand-making machinery and sand making machinery, and then a large amount of capital influx into the production of sand-making machinery leads to technological upgrading, which in turn leads to the economic progress of other industries and has formed A perfect cycle of satisfaction, and guide people's economy to a higher direction of technological upgrading.

  • The importance of machine sand equipment partsDateFri Jan 05, 2018 3:31 am

    With the surge in demand for sand, natural sand has been unable to meet people's production needs, therefore, a large number of machine-made sand became everyone's first choice, which can not do without the credit of machine-made sand equipment, sand making machine by crushing rock, river pebbles , Pebbles, perlite and some other materials to become sand.
    Due to the harsh working environment of the sand machine, it is inevitable that the equipment will cause the loss during long time work. Therefore, the wearing parts need to be replaced. In the purchase of the accessories, there is still a need to pay attention to that only the high quality parts can play The potential of the device itself.
    In the purchase of machine sand equipment parts need to pay attention to the following two items:
    1, the original. In the purchase of machine sand equipment at the same time, as far as possible from the manufacturer to configure the wearing parts, after all, the original accessories, whether material or quality, specifications and so on are matched with the mechanism of sand equipment, while the original will have more Professional after-sales service system.
    2, the price comparison. Some manufacturers are fancy consumers seek cheap psychology, and the use of defective accessories to act as qualified mechanism sand equipment parts sold to consumers, but in the actual application of the loss, so we need to choose when the need to rub Bright eyes, when you see the relatively cheap parts, you need a comprehensive comparison to see whether the surface rust, mildew, aging and so on, or its size and other norms.

  • Heavy calcium carbonate, also known as heavy calcium carbonate, referred to as TSP, is the use of high-quality calcite processed from raw materials into white powder, its main component is CaCO3, heavy calcium whiteness, good purity, soft hue and stable chemical composition Features. Therefore, heavy calcium is a good filler commonly used in industry. Heavy calcium is commonly used as filler, but also widely used in artificial floor tiles, rubber, plastics, paper, paint, paint, ink, cable, construction supplies, food, medicine, Feed, toothpaste and other daily chemical industry, as a filler to increase the volume of products, reduce production costs. Used in rubber, can increase the volume of rubber, rubber processing to improve, play a semi-reinforcing or reinforcing effect, and can adjust the hardness of rubber.
    In recent years, with the increasing demand of industrial powder, the industrial demand for heavy calcium powder is getting bigger and bigger. The production of large-scale heavy calcium powder in different regions has successively been produced. We know that the mineral resources are passed through the crusher, the mill Deep processing of ore, and then through the fine magnetic separation, calcination and other technical means for processing, you can greatly improve the utilization of ore, which is undoubtedly the domestic mining industry to reverse the passive situation of development opportunities. In this regard, ZENITH Machinery Co., Ltd. as a national mining machinery important equipment supplier, focusing on ultrafine powder grinding technology research and improvement, increase research and development efforts, has introduced for the production of ultrafine powder tricyclic medium speed mill Powder machine, ultrafine mill and other fine powder equipment, complete model, the use of powerful, the use of a more extensive range of equipment have reached the national quality supervision system standards, stable and reliable work, strong production capacity of various industries ultrafine powder Production makes a great contribution. ZENITH specializes in the field of fine powder grinding and is willing to provide more efficient and energy-saving mill equipment for the development of ultra-fine powders.

  • Graphite is an allotrope of elemental carbon. The periphery of each carbon atom is linked by three additional carbon atoms (a plurality of hexagons arranged in a honeycomb pattern) covalently bonded to form a covalent molecule. Carbon is a very common element that is widespread in many forms in the atmosphere and the crust. Carbon elements have long been recognized and used, a series of carbon compounds - organic matter is more fundamental to life. Carbon is one of the ingredients of pig iron, wrought iron and steel. Carbon can chemically bind to form a large number of compounds, both biologically and commercially important molecules. Most organisms in the body contain carbon.
    Graphite is widely used in industry and is used in almost every industry. Industrial use of artificial graphite, which is special graphite. Graphite, which has been processed by SBM xzm ultrafine mill, plays an important and irreplaceable role in industrial applications. Refractory materials: Graphite and its products have the properties of high temperature resistance and high strength, and are mainly used in the metallurgical industry Graphite crucible, commonly used in steelmaking steel ingot as a protective agent, metallurgical furnace lining. Conductive materials: In the electrical industry for the manufacture of electrodes, brushes, carbon rods, carbon tubes, mercury positive rectifier cathode, graphite washers, telephone parts, TV picture tube coating. For wear-resistant lubricating materials, graphite has good chemical stability. After special processing of graphite, with corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, low permeability characteristics for casting, turning sand, stamper and high temperature metallurgical materials for atomic energy industry and national defense industry.
    Shanghai SBM is a professional manufacturer of milling equipment, graphite grinding machine in which graphite, and strive to perfection, with high product fineness, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection and other significant advantages, while equipment investment is small, easy to maintain, Life expectancy than other devices 2-5 times.

  • Shanghai SBM mill Seiko secret agentsDateTue Jan 02, 2018 2:10 am

    The overall technology of the complete set of equipment of HCM series mill developed and produced by SBM has reached the international advanced level. Thanks to its brand-new safety-free grinding system without screws, high performance and environment-friendly finished product collection system, the equipment has been well received in the industry market . The company is one of the earliest ultrafine mill manufacturers in China and possesses strong R & D, design and manufacturing capabilities and has been exchanging and cooperating with many scientific research institutes both at home and abroad for years. The capability of designing, producing, debugging, maintaining and engineering is rapid. Enhance, the size has grown.
    At the same time, SBM takes the path of market integration and development, production, sales and technical service integration. Aiming at the problem that domestic single equipment can not produce large-scale powder, the company has developed mica mills, kaolin mills, calcite mills, bucket elevators, pulse dust remover, etc. which are suitable for various large-scale powder production projects Multiple products, has won wide recognition in the market. SBM production of these professional ore type of milling machine not only features some of the larger than the traditional mill, but also greatly improve the safety and reliability, the average life of wearing parts have been extended, environmental clean, is In the modern society, it is an indispensable equipment for the processing of ore. SBM will carry out in-depth research and development on the energy conservation and emission reduction in the manufacture of milling machinery, and will focus on the R & D of energy-saving, efficient and environmentally-friendly ultrafine mill technology to strengthen the technical research and development strength and production capacity Expansion efforts to domestic powder companies to provide a higher level of technical equipment to help China's scientific development of the powder industry.

  • Raymond mill powder dust caused by the reasonsDateFri Dec 29, 2017 1:44 am

    Raymond mill is a common milling equipment, in the milling of the material production, the production of certain dust is inevitable. Therefore, in order to prevent a large number of dust on the environment pollution, we Raymond grinding production line are generally equipped with different dust removal equipment to reduce dust flying in milling operations. However, some users in the use of Raymond mill process, if improper operation or dust can not be well controlled, but there will be raymond mill dusting phenomenon. So, what causes Raymond Mill dusting?
    First of all, Raymond mill is the use of circulating air design, under normal circumstances, with the milling operation, Raymond mill inlet intake should be inward, the outlet out of the wind . If the device's damper is closed, it will cause the air volume can not be well circulated, resulting Raymond mill inlet dusting out. So, when a small Raymond mill powder situation, we first need to detect whether the two devices are in the closed state of the damper.
    Secondly, during the operation of the Raymond mill, if there is a leak in the connecting pipe of the equipment, suction phenomenon will occur in the leak area. Therefore, during the process of using the Raymond mill, once the dusting phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check the connecting pipe of the Raymond mill to prevent air leakage.
    Third, Raymond mill dust removal device, mainly as a removal of dust generated in the grinding production, the cooling effect on the device, and to maintain a good exhaust equipment. If the dust filter exhaust poor, or even blockage, it is easy to cause Raymond mill dusting. Therefore, we are in the milling operation, we must ensure that the dust removal equipment good ventilation effect, the dust bag once a day pat.

  • European version of raymond mill is to absorb the latest European grinding technology and ideas, based on long-term mill production R & D experience, combined with many users use the feedback, with great concentration to improve the development of the country's leading technology, with a number of independent patents The latest technology of the grinding equipment, mainly for processing non-flammable and explosive minerals while meeting the customer demand for finished products up to 450 processing needs.
    MTW European version of Raymond mill mainly by the host, separator, fan, broken jaw, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, storage silos, bag filter, pipe device, cyclone powder duster, Motor and other components.
    The main performance advantages:
    1, advanced production capacity, the same power, the output increased by 20%. Bevel gear overall transmission, transmission ratio is accurate, reduce the transmission chain, the energy loss drastic reduction, the efficiency significantly improved.
    2, The original novel internal thin oil lubrication system, without external pump or lubrication station, you can achieve bearing lubrication. Ingenuity of the curved duct, airflow resistance is small, not blocked material, greatly improving the fan efficiency.
    3, beautiful arc design, highlighting the human nature, reducing the danger factor of manual operation. Unique air from the circulatory system, together with advanced dust collector, the concept of environmental protection in the end.
    4, the surface can be changed Blades Blade, while reducing material wear and tear, improve production and utilization, lower cost.

  • Ultrafine mill is the flagship product of Shanghai SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. In recent years, the sales of ultrafine mill can be described as continuous improvement. SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. special attention is the product development and research, from the establishment of the company So far, we have been studying how to better improve the efficiency of old products, improve their performance, but also continue to focus on new product development and research.
    Regardless of the current situation in the milling machine industry today, we can not decide on the milling machine industry in the next few years. In this case, the development of the milling machine in the future is very important and it is particularly important for the milling machine industry. Because the mill, no matter now or in the next few years, the development is to flour mill business to have better development and future, the following summary of the future development of the mill direction and precautions.
    China's mill started relatively late, so many areas need to learn from the help of the country started earlier, it is beyond doubt, so that China's mill in several areas need to cheer, the first is that environmental protection In terms of mill equipment can not blindly pursue high output, high fineness, high efficiency, environmental protection is the most important aspect, first of all to reduce noise pollution, there is to reduce man-made pollution, dust pollution, the second is large-scale machinery , This is the inevitable trend of the future development of the mill industry, and the third point is the technology update, a business if you want to better development, continuous technology updates is also very important.

  • Construction waste crusher jaw crusherDateMon Dec 25, 2017 5:52 am

    Investment and construction waste acceptance manipulation of the project target people are also more and more investment in the construction waste crusher facilities building construction waste disposal plant >> READ MORE is a lot of people in our country want to test a project after the test, jaw crusher mobile rupture As an indispensable facility for disposing of refuse, the machine plays a major role in capitalizing the construction and refuse of construction waste.
    Among them, it is an exemplary sand making and shaping facility November 2017 .... . Make all over the world use of green building materials. . Environmental science and technology is one of the successful cases of the construction of garbage capitalization. In June 2014, Zhang's boss accidentally spotted the construction of a mobile rubbish-cracking machine that was satisfied with the mining machine. In the meantime, the machine was too suitable for me. It not only solved the problem of building rubbish disposal but also treated recycled aggregate But also to create economic expenditure, this is not a stone two birds way. So, ordered a set of facilities.
    With the acceleration of urban construction in recent years, the difficult problem of dealing with the construction of rubbish has become a social problem that can not be avoided. Landfill and disposal of landfills for construction waste can not really deal with some of the risks associated with the construction of the garbage siege. In such a setting, "spawned" the construction of garbage and then manipulate the industry, but also makes use of environmentally friendly building materials around the world.
    It is just from the introduction of satisfactory mining machine construction waste crusher started, the smooth embarked on the construction of capitalization of the road to growth and treatment of the local million tons of construction waste, made the case, the same economic benefits. The facility is satisfied with the original construction of garbage disposal facilities.

  • Winter Raymond mill maintenance precautionsDateSat Dec 23, 2017 2:29 am

    Winter Raymond mill maintenance precautions:
    Yesterday, the beginning of winter, in this cold winter we should pay attention to warm clothes! The maintenance of a large raymond mill in the cold winter is also important and takes longer than in summer because the cement is completely solidified after the foundation has been treated.
    1, the first winter roll assembly and some other parts of the refueling should be replaced by butter for winter, so that in the cold winter butter is not easy to freeze.
    2, Second, when the boot can be preheated for 5 minutes, and then start feeding production. When the first open analysis machine boot, and then open the last fan to open the host.
    3, in the winter monsoon is relatively large, outdoor dusting bag Raymond mill must be tight, do not loose, bag once a day beating, keep breathable. Bag is not breathable, Raymond mill is no production. Raymond mill plus use roller grinding, the principle of wind selection crushed material, so the use of wind is very crucial. The law of nature is to heat up cold shrinkage, this time Raymond mill screws can be tight again, the flange of the link must check the open seal is qualified to ensure that there is no place for gas leaks.
    In addition, some users will ask Raymond mill output will be higher than usual production, is not the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the winter material is more brittle and easier to process it?
    My company's Raymond mill engineer said the winter Raymond mill boot maintenance should pay more attention than in summer, especially Raymond mill in the outdoor processing of materials users should pay attention to Raymond mill maintenance, butter is best to use Winter-specific, general butter winter is not easy to get into, the roller assembly will wear more powerful.

  • High efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine is applicable to a wide range. Its working principle is that the material falls vertically into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it collides with the material around the impeller and then enters the impeller and the casing The powerful vortex, again collide with each other, friction, until crushed. The material is discharged from the discharge opening in the lower part of the sand making machine, and then the material is controlled by the screening equipment to reach the finished product granularity.
    One of the biggest problems in the process of sand making operation is the problem of low operation efficiency. How to improve the efficiency of sand making machine has become the primary concern of SBM Heavy Industry. The operating efficiency of sand making equipment is influenced by many aspects. SBM Heavy Industry Remind you to pay attention to the following aspects:
    First of all, understand the sand making machine in the entire sand production line processes, the first is to feed, the second is the jaw crusher coarse broken, the third is efficient centrifugal impact sand making machine. Sand making machine is used as coarse breaking equipment in the crushing of hard materials such as ore. It has such characteristics as large crushing ratio, high output, uniform granularity, simple structure, convenient maintenance and low production cost.
    Second, the gravel production line feed containing more mud or more fine-grained level, the greater the viscosity of the slurry, the smaller the sedimentation speed of the ore particles in the slurry, the more coarse the overflow product; In this case, In order to ensure the desired fineness of overflow, additional water may be appropriately added to reduce the pulp concentration.
    Efficient centrifugal impact sand making sand material requirements of the grain is fine, its grain size, grain size requirements are very strict. The reason is that the cubic sand has an interlocking effect between the grains because of its angularity, and the continuous grading of the sand can greatly reduce the space. Meanwhile, the cubic sand occupies a larger surface area than the circular sand, Bitumen and materials or cement and materials stick together to reduce the possibility of displacement.
    When the sand making machine crushing chamber into the crushable stone, in order to maintain the important components of the equipment is not damaged and take the thrust plate as a sand making machine insurance components.
    SBM Heavy Industry production of high efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine is a very simple and efficient sand making equipment, in daily production, as long as more observation and study, understand the working principle of high efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine, will be able to give you Bring unexpected benefits.

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