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  • Raymond Mill's production bottlenecks are mainly in which part?
    First of all, we need to understand the production process of raymond mill: grinding process and winnowing process.
    The production bottleneck of the grinding process is mainly the blade angle problem, the sealing problem of the roller assembly, and the wearing degree of the wearing parts.
    First of all, the angle of Raymond's blade has played a vital role, and some Raymond Mill manufacturers are apt to ignore this problem. Raymond's blade lift position is high and low, making the blade shovel The starting material cannot be accurately delivered to the grinding position, which greatly affects the production of Raymond Mill.
    Secondly, the sealing problem of the roller assembly, which is directly related to the use of Raymond Mill manufacturers can normally use the problem of normal production. If Raymond Grinding Roller Assembly cannot effectively seal, then the inside of the assembly is very easy to enter into powder. After the powder is poured in, the total achievement of raymond mill is easy to be broken, and often it will be broken, which will bring about normal production. Serious trouble. The latest assembly developed by Xinyuan Machinery adopts the principle similar to the mechanical seal, adopts multiple oil seals and progressive zero-gap sealing, and the effect is unanimously recognized by the society.
    The last is the degree of wear of the wearing parts. If the wearing parts (ie grinding rollers and grinding rings) are made of ordinary carbon steel, then they will wear off quickly, which will increase the production cost of Raymond Mill manufacturers. The maintenance rate will also increase. It is recommended that customers use high-manganese steel Raymond mill rolls and grinding rings.

  • Which type of sand making equipment is suitable for light calcium carbonate crushing? Light calcium carbonate is produced by chemical processing. Because its settling volume (2.4-2.8 mL/g) is greater than mechanically produced ground calcium carbonate sediment (1.1-1.9 mL/g), it is referred to as light calcium carbonate. SBM's new type of sand making machine is a new type of high efficiency, widely used in the crushing and crushing of various raw materials such as rock, ore, cement clinker, and refractory materials. The sand making machine is also ideal for the crushing of raw materials in the light calcium carbonate processing industry.
    Light calcium carbonate is produced by calcining limestone and other raw material segments to produce lime (mainly composed of calcium oxide) and carbon dioxide, and then adding water to digest lime to produce lime milk (mainly composed of calcium hydroxide), and then adding carbon dioxide to carbonized lime milk to generate calcium carbonate. Precipitation, and finally by dehydration, drying and crushed prepared, or first with sodium carbonate and calcium chloride metathesis reaction to produce calcium carbonate precipitate, and then by dehydration, drying and crushed prepared. Among them, the sand making equipment plays an important role in the entire light calcium carbonate processing. The sand making machine has characteristics of small particle size, uniform particle size, large production capacity, long hammer life, small supporting power, variable three-stage crushing, secondary crushing, simplified process, simple structure, convenient maintenance and stable operation. The use of the sand making equipment to crush finely divided calcium carbonate precipitates is ideal. The fineness of the sand making machine equipment can reach 5mm or less, which is very favorable for the industry efficiency of the calcium carbonate milling production line.
    In addition, SBM's new sand making machine equipment has many advantages such as environmental protection and energy saving. The sand making equipment works with low noise and no pollution. The unique air self-circulation system greatly reduces the amount of exhaust air, reduces dust, and is environmentally friendly. The sand making equipment is reserved and suitable for installing a variety of dust removal equipment. It is very beneficial to the entire calcium carbonate milling production line industry to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction.

  • For the application of ultrafine mill, there are many types of stone that can be processed. This machine is a kind of equipment favored by the ultrafine powder production industry. We know that the type of milling equipment on the market is comparatively Many, and the aircraft is more used in the market, mainly depends on its advantages, then we have to introduce what advantages the machine has for stone processing.
    1. The superior performance of the ultra-fine pulverizer is superior. In the production, not only can there be many types of stone processed, but also its production capacity is high. We know that the customers' investment objective for the mill is to obtain higher efficiency, so the production capacity and equipment The scope of application is two important reference points for customers when purchasing the aircraft;
    2. The ultra-fine pulverizer is simple in structure, durable and easy to control. These advantages make it easier to operate and maintain in production. This advantage can reduce the increase in labor demand caused by the cumbersome operation and the frequent occurrence of failures. The situation ensures the increase of efficiency in production and the reduction of maintenance costs, and at the same time liberates the labor force;
    3, ultrafine mill production in the low energy consumption and environmental performance, low energy consumption, can reduce the cost of production, which is one aspect of the customer likes to see, in addition to environmental issues, which in recent years, each One of the concerns of the industry is an important aspect of the application of equipment to the market;
    4. The ultra-fine powder mill has a high intelligence, and the lubrication and other operations in production can be completed by itself. No staff is required to perform the operation, and only the lubricant can be added regularly, which can reduce the problems caused by the manual operation in lubrication. , The effect of automatic lubrication is better;
    The article mainly introduces the advantages of ultra-fine pulverizers used in stone processing. The introduction of this issue is more detailed, mainly through four aspects. The above detailed analysis of these advantages, these advantages It is also an important reference for our device selection.

  • As we all know, things are two-sided. The same is true for construction waste. On the one hand, it shares the same land with ordinary household waste, polluting the environment, and bringing many changes to people’s lives. However, on the other hand, construction waste can be used as a resource to make it become It can be used as a recycled material for roads, buildings, etc.
    The term "construction waste" refers to the collective name of the waste muck, waste concrete, masonry, and other solid wastes that people produce in the production activities such as demolition, construction, and renovation. The amount of construction waste crusher in China today accounts for 30%-40% of the total municipal construction waste, and the vast majority of them have not yet been disposed of by the construction unit and transported to the suburbs for open storage and landfill, which not only consumes a lot of expropriation. Land fees, garbage clearance, etc., and problems such as remains and dust generated during clearing, transportation and dumping can also cause serious environmental pollution.
    SBM thinks that: City construction waste is a precious resource that misplaced the place. Based on many years of practical experience, the Group's integrated solution for solid waste in urban construction waste can be configured to move or fix construction waste disposal systems according to local conditions. After sorting, crushing, screening, magnetic separation, separation and shaping Other processes, such as construction waste into recycled aggregate, recycled concrete and various recycled bricks, so as to achieve resource utilization.
    The mobile construction waste crushing station is mainly composed of a feeder, a smashing breaker, a counter breaker, a cone breaker,construction waste crusher, a sand making machine, a vibrating screen, and the like, and can form a tire type mobile crushing station, a tire type cone crushing station, and a tire type sand making machine. Mobile crushing stations, etc., have a universal body, economical and practical, flexible and flexible, multi-integrated automatic thickness and secondary crushing, to meet the various needs of customers.
    The current mobile crushing plant produced by SBM has been put into use at home and abroad. The customer's response is good. SBM's heavy industry will also increase investment to help the "Blue Sky Battle."

  • Buying a good stone crushing equipment not only pays attention to the crusher price at the time of purchase, but also the daily maintenance work after purchase, which is also the key to greatly increase the service life of the equipment. In the daily operation of the equipment, good operating habits and post-operation maintenance work can maximize the service life of the crusher accessories. Below to explain to you about the daily maintenance of crusher parts related issues.
    1. First, when crushing the material, it is necessary to select suitable material crushing according to the crusher's performance. If the material of the broken material is too soft or too hard, it will wear on the parts of the crusher. Especially in the sand stone production line, the materials that need to be broken are more complicated, so it should pay more attention to this problem, when selecting the crusher accessories, To be detailed according to the characteristics of the material.
    2. Before the material is broken, it is necessary to conduct a simple screening on the material to prevent the content of fine powder in the material to be broken from being too high. Because if there is too much fine powder in the material, it will affect the conveying speed in the crushing process, because the fine powder will adhere to the conveyor belt, which leads to the material in and out of material speed, reducing the production efficiency, so before crushing the material Simple screening can be done.
    3, if you meet the need to crush the viscosity of the material, humidity, temperature, etc., then you need to select different crusher equipment according to the specific circumstances. In the beneficiation equipment, different crusher models are developed for different material characteristics. Therefore, selecting different crusher types can effectively reduce the number of components according to the size of the material moisture content, the temperature difference of the material, and the viscosity of the material. The degree of wear is also the key to improving the service life of the equipment.
    4, in the selection of crusher equipment, can not just look at the overall machine performance, appearance, price, etc., the most important thing is to look at the quality of each component of the device. To choose a good crusher, we must choose high-quality, high wear-resistant accessories, so as to play the maximum utilization rate of the crusher.
    5. After the material is broken, the particle size of the finished product will also affect the service life of the crusher. The finer the particle size of the material required for crushing, the greater the wear on the crusher parts, because the finer the particle size of the material, the more friction between the material and the fitting, and therefore the greater the wear, which also affects the use of the crusher. The key to life.

  • Based on the inherent laws of the development of national mining production and social development, and experience in the development of Ore Milling Equipment, we will continue to improve the construction and development of various existing innovative production bases. Strengthen the guidance of classification, and guide all types of mills innovative production base in accordance with their functional requirements of healthy development. Promote the construction of a major innovative production base in Shanghai Woshan.
    Raymond Mill Energy Research Technology, High Pressure Mill Research Technology, Ultrafine Mill Research Technology, Micropowder Mill Research Technology, Materials Research Technology, Space and Geography Research Technology, Particle Physics and Nuclear Physics, Engineering Experience Technology research and other fields, the development and construction of a number of Wushan major milling equipment experience in technology infrastructure and large research and technology devices.
    In the field of strategic requirements for ultrafine mill energy, information, resources and environment, milling machinery industry, workers' safety work, advanced manufacturing, transportation and public safety, as well as basic frontier fields and emerging cross-disciplinary fields, according to the principles of preferential development We will continue to promote the construction of Shanghai Woshan Key Laboratory in higher education institutions and research institutes, and build a world-class backbone research base for construction waste. Combining the implementation of experience and technological innovation projects, we will strengthen the construction of the key laboratory of milling mill manufacturers. Actively promote the construction of partner laboratories in the Shanghai Woshan Key Laboratory in Hong Kong and Macau. Promote the construction of the Woshan Laboratory for military and civilian cooperation. Support single names and local key laboratory construction. A number of Shanghai Woshan laboratories were built around major research and technology projects and major strategic milling equipment experience and technical tasks. We will continue to steadily advance the construction of the observation and research station for the research and development of the Wushan field research. Strengthen the experience of the mill equipment key laboratory, the experience of advanced technology and technology research center milling equipment, military and civilian co-construction laboratory.

  • At present, domestic construction waste has spread all over the country, seriously affecting the greening and air purification of our cities. To this end, the domestic large-scale crushing machinery manufacturers, the heart developed a professional construction waste treatment equipment - construction waste crusher, and has been put into the application of major production lines. Here we introduce the analysis of the development of construction waste crusher.
    The construction waste crusher has been optimized and enhanced to provide higher strength, better performance and a more compact structure. The product has the characteristics of reliable performance, good stability, flexible combination, strong adaptability and convenient maintenance. The products produced can be widely used in the industries such as unburned bricks, road foundations, construction, etc., and take a virtuous cycle for urban construction. Provides a new development idea. In addition, the quality of equipment for crushing products is excellent, and after-sales service is good. Construction waste in the country is gradually supported by the state and the government, and the market for the development of the construction waste market will gradually expand.
    At present, the comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste has reached more than 80% in developed countries. Due to various reasons, this industry and market are developing slowly. However, with the promotion of the government, the awareness of social environmental protection has also been continuously improved. More people and units have begun to pay attention to the recycling and utilization of construction waste. Therefore, the construction waste crusher has obtained a comprehensive treatment system for construction waste and has obtained government departments. The strong support of the government requires strong support from the government in terms of input, materials, and sales of finished products. It can be seen that the construction waste crusher will surely stand on the front line in the future development road.
    The most important thing is that as the country's infrastructure is constantly being updated and constructed, especially the construction of railways and expressways, as well as the transformation of urban buildings. The development of the city led to continuous construction of various housing projects, and old buildings were successively demolished. During the demolition process, a large amount of solid waste, construction waste, will be generated. Therefore, the use of construction waste crushers has increased. The data shows that the current best-selling total amount of the equipment is higher than the number of ordinary crushing equipment. It can be seen that, in the future use of construction waste crusher, it will gradually replace the traditional crushing equipment, and its development prospects will be even brighter.

  • Mechanism sand equipment full set how much moneyDateTue Jun 12, 2018 8:23 am

    Machine sand is mainly made of sand processed by sand making machine and other auxiliary equipment. The resulting finished product has uniform particle size and good granularity, which can meet daily needs. Many users choose their machine sand equipment to complete their set of sand equipment. The price of equipment is very concerned, then how much is the full set of sand equipment? This article will elaborate on this topic.
    The complete set of sand equipment price influencing factors
    1, the quality of high and low
    There are many manufacturers of complete set of machine-made sand equipment on the market. The technical level of each manufacturer is different. The quality of machine-made sand equipment produced is also different. The equipment with good quality has relatively good wear resistance, and the manufacturing cost may also be high. High, the price is naturally high; on the contrary, the quality of the equipment is generally low, and the price is low.
    2, specifications and models
    Different specifications and models of sand equipment, the processing capacity, output, efficiency, the price is naturally different, usually, large-sized machine sand equipment in the processing capacity, efficiency, output has an advantage, so the price will be more expensive .
    3, market demand
    When the demand for full set of machinery sand is relatively large, consumers will be in short supply. This will result in a higher overall price for the complete set of machined sand. When the demand is small, the price will be relatively low.
    Machine sand equipment full price how much
    The above mentioned factors affecting the full set price of the machine-made Sand making machine are briefly introduced. Because of the influence of many factors, the price of the equipment is not fixed, coupled with the continuous rise in the price of raw materials and the rapid economic development, the equipment prices in the market. It may show an upward trend. If consumers want to know more specific prices, they still need to consult the corresponding manufacturers. SBM machines, as a manufacturer of machine-made sand complete equipment, can guarantee the quality of equipment produced and the price is still very high. Reasonable, due to different users of the configuration of the sand full set of equipment is different, the specific price please consult online free of charge.

  • Efficient centrifugal impact sand making machine has a wide range of applications. The working principle is that the material falls vertically into the high-speed rotating impeller from the upper part of the machine. Under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it collides with the material around the impeller and then enters into the impeller and the casing. In the powerful vortex, they bumped and rubbed against each other until they were crushed. The material is discharged from the discharge port at the bottom of the sand making machine, and then the material is controlled by the screening equipment to achieve the finished product particle size that meets the requirements.
    One of the biggest problems faced during the operation of the sand making machine is that the operation efficiency is low. How to improve the efficiency of the sand making machine has become the primary concern of SBM heavy industry. The operation efficiency of the sand making equipment is affected by many factors. SBM Heavy Industry Remind you to pay attention to the following aspects:
    First of all, to understand the sand making machine in the entire sand production line process, the first is feeding, the second is the coarse broken jaw crusher, and the third is a high efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine. The sand making machine is used as a rough breaking device for crushing hard materials such as ore, and has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform particle size, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and low production cost.
    Secondly, the more mud or fine-grained grade in the feed of sand and gravel production lines, the greater the viscosity of the ore slurry, the smaller the settling velocity of the ore particles in the pulp, and the coarser the particle size of the overflow product; in this case, In order to ensure that the desired overflow fineness is achieved, additional water may be appropriately increased to reduce the slurry concentration.
    The high-efficiency centrifugal impact sand-making machine has fine granular requirements for sand-making materials, and the requirements for its grain type and grain-size are very strict. The reason is that cuboidal sand has an interlocking effect because of its angular shape, and the continuous gradation of sand can greatly reduce the gap. At the same time, cubical sand occupies a larger surface area than round sand. Sticking asphalt and materials or cement and materials together reduces the possibility of displacement.
    When the sand making machine breaks into the non-crushable stone in the crushing chamber, the rear thrust plate is used as a safety component of the sand making machine for maintaining the important parts of the equipment from being damaged.
    The high-efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine produced by SBM is a very simple and efficient sand making equipment. In the daily production, as long as many observations and researches, we understand the working principle of the high-efficiency centrifugal impact sand making machine and can give you Bring unexpected benefits.

  • The purpose of the mobile crushing station is to use a new type of crushing equipment that eliminates the crushing site and the environment and brings users to the crushing work obstacles on the customer's position. The success of the mobile crushing station has caused the user to solve the problem of urban waste to a large extent, and has a merit. No performance, here, will be detailed analysis of the construction waste crusher, the specific content is as follows:
    I. Why is it that urban waste recycling mobile crushing stations have contributed?
    At present, the construction industry is developing rapidly, contributing to urban construction and bringing a large amount of urban garbage to people's lives; for a better living environment, the effective utilization of urban garbage recycling resources is a better way to solve construction waste, and it is also inevitable. At the same time, the mobile crusher can do this. It can reprocess the urban waste generated by the construction industry into aggregates, match the sand production equipment, convert the waste into sand for construction, and reduce the number of cities. Garbage is put in again to solve the landfill of urban garbage, reduce environmental pollution, and the city garbage after processing by the mobile crushing station can meet the stones and stones for road construction; therefore, the equipment has an inability to reuse urban garbage. Estimated credit.
    Second, mobile crushing station to deal with urban waste what advantages?
    1. High mobility and flexibility: The mobile crushing station has a high chassis, a small turning radius, which is conducive to driving on the road, and is more convenient for driving on some bad road crushing sites. It has strong mobility, improves site stationing, and saves time.
    2. Save on transportation costs: The mobile crushing station can complete the first on-site crushing of urban garbage, avoid intermediate transportation links, and reduce the material transportation costs to a greater extent. In addition, the mobile crushing station can be used to transport the materials after crushing directly to the site.
    3, flexible configuration, direct and effective operation: mobile crusher has an integrated system, can be used independently, but also according to the user's different material types, product requirements, provide flexible process configuration, material crushing, screening and other requirements , reduce production costs while making materials directly and efficiently produce organizations.
    Third, mobile crushing station how to process urban waste?
    The municipal garbage is uniformly transported to the mobile crushing station crushing machine by a vibrating feeder, and after the preliminary crushing, the vibrating screen is used to constitute a closed system to realize the material circulation crushing, which is in accordance with the finished product granules, the finished product area, and the other Continuous crushing operations, direct guidance in line with the size of materials, fully make urban wastes to complete processing and reuse, and bring high profits to enterprises.

  • When buying a sand maker, points to noteDateThu Jun 07, 2018 3:06 am

    The sand making machine is an equipment for sand making machine for pebbles, granite equivalents and other hardness materials. In the process of making sand, this equipment can completely complete the sand making task, and the sand making effect can reach the user's most satisfactory level. With the constant improvement of technology, the equipment has been greatly improved in terms of functions and uses, so how can we buy a quality sand making machine? What do you mainly look for when buying a sand maker? SBM Heavy Industries teaches you how to buy a sand maker! ! !
    Sand making machine purchase points
    If you want to buy a quality sand making machine, you must carefully compare the purchase process. The main points of the sand making machine are mainly the following aspects:
    1, see the appearance
    The appearance of the device is the user's first impression, and its excellent level is of great importance to the user. SBM Heavy Industries has made a one-time stamping method to create the casing of the sand making machine, so its appearance It is very smooth and hard to wear. Compared to earlier devices, the device is easy to attract users' attention from the aspect of appearance.
    2, see performance
    The excellent performance can make the equipment play more advantages and functions. However, the stability of the running state of the equipment is the only standard to effectively measure whether its performance is good. From the structure design of the equipment, we can see its inherent advantages. It is easy to see that the superiority and stability of the equipment performance have been fully reflected in this process.
    3, see the configuration
    As we all know, the configuration of high equipment is more easily recognized and favored by users. SBM Heavy Industries has chosen high-configured components for reasonable development, so its comprehensive configuration is very high, and high-configured equipment can play a greater role. The use of space and value, so as to create more revenue for users.
    4, see the quality
    Quality is a quality, high quality equipment can be strictly controlled in terms of quality, so that its quality is more secure, SBM Heavy Industry has the most complete quality management department, so our quality management system is complete, so that we can achieve Strict quality control, so our sand machine equipment life is more long-lasting.

  • Raymond Mill through technological innovationDateWed Jun 06, 2018 4:23 am

    Right now, technological innovation has become the main engine for the development of the calcium industry in Nanzhao. Nanzhao County established 3 provincial R&D centers, a provincial-level testing center, and 4 municipal R&D centers around the non-metallic new materials industry. The company’s R&D capabilities have been continuously enhanced, production technologies have been continuously innovated, and product quality has been greatly improved. In particular, through technological innovations, some enterprises in the county processed solid wastes such as slag and corner wastes into desulfurizers that are widely used by power plants and cement plants, raymond mill. Or used as a filler for other new materials to ensure the comprehensive benefits of raw materials.
    With the extensive and in-depth application of high quality industrial heavy calcium carbonate in plastics, rubber, papermaking, building materials, and chemical industries, the county fully grasps the opportunities of industrial transfer in developed regions and focuses on the introduction of new building decorative materials and packaging materials. The calcium carbonate middle and downstream enterprises that have large investment scales, strong technical strength, and high added value products will develop high-end products, enhance the market competitiveness of new environmentally-friendly products, and achieve the goal of “Central China Calcium Capital”. Raymond Mill
    According to the survey, in Nanzhao County, the total reserves of calcite resources used to produce heavy calcium carbonate amounted to 1 billion tons, ranking the top in the country. At present, the county's annual ore mining capacity reaches 2 million tons, and Raymond Mill can be exploited for 300 years, especially at this speed. Through technological innovation Raymond Mill, the quality of ore is excellent, and calcium carbonate content and whiteness are among the highest in the country. Nanzhao has abundant resources, large quantity and high quality, and has laid a solid foundation for Nanzhao to build “China Calcium Capital”.

  • Ultra-fine grinding equipment is a large-scale mining machinery, which will inevitably lead to some problems in the process of continuous operation. If the ultrafine mill is running, there will be regular sounds, and the loud sound is part of the liner bolts are not tightened, When the ultra-fine milling equipment rotates, the lining plate knocks on the ultra-fine grinding equipment cylinder, judges the location of the superfine grinding equipment lining board according to the sound, finds the loose bolt, and tightens it separately.
    Ultra-fine grinding equipment and motor bearing temperature rises above regulations. Hand touch the bearing is local or all the temperature is too high, to remind the following points:
    1. The side clearance of bearing bushes of ultrafine grinding equipment is too small, the clearance between bearing bush and shaft is too large, and the contact points are too much to form a uniform oil film on the bearing bush.
    2. Check whether the ultrafine mill oil and grease are deteriorating.
    3, check whether the superfine grinding equipment lubrication pipeline is blocked, or the lubricant does not directly enter the lubrication point, the lack of oil caused by heat.
    4. Check the lubrication points of various parts of the ultra-fine grinding equipment. Whether the lubricant number used is the same as the factory instructions of the equipment.
    5, ultrafine grinding equipment rolling bearing grease too much or too little, too much formation of rolling bodies stir the grease to generate heat, and the heat is not easy to disperse. Too little lubrication, should add enough oil according to regulations, generally 1/3 to 1/2 of the bearing clearance is more appropriate.
    6. The sealing device of the hollow shaft at both ends of the grinding body of the ultrafine grinding equipment is too tight, or the iron of the sealing body is directly in contact with the shaft.
    7, the above problems occurred in ultrafine grinding equipment, according to its causes, except that the side clearance of the bearing bush is too small, or the contact angle of the bottom is too large, the grinding cylinder body must be jacked up with the hydraulic jack, and the bearing bush from the shaft One side of the draw out, scraping tile mouth separately.

  • Raymond Mill's important parts are made of high-quality steel, wear parts are made of high-performance wear-resistant materials, high wear resistance, reliable operation; in the R & D test machine out of innovation and other aspects of intelligent process raymond mill Manufacturers will take full advantage of the market development process, from the point of view of innovation, with environmental protection technology as the primary development goal, on the basis of the original to carry out functions, increase production, production line automation processes.
    Raymond Mill has a large output. Based on the same demand for finished products, the use of Raymond Mill is usually more economical and effective than the Air Mill. It greatly reduces equipment investment costs and saves the use of the site. Maintenance costs are relatively reduced. In the production of ultra-thin Raymond machines, if the feed rate is too fast, the load will increase and the machine will become clogged. Therefore, in Raymond Mill's feeding process, the user must pay attention to the change of the current meter pointer deflection angle at any time. If the rated current is exceeded, it indicates that the motor is overloaded. It is worth noting that if the motor is overloaded for a long time, it will burn the motor. At this time, the material door should be immediately reduced or closed, or the feeding method can be changed, and the feed amount can be controlled by adding feeders.
    The host blade holder is always in contact with the material during operation, so the blade holder is composed of two parts: the upper and lower parts. After the lower seat is worn, the connection bolts can be removed and replaced. raymond mill's manufacturers specialize in producing all kinds of specifications of the milling equipment and drying. Dryer, crusher, shredder, wood flour, etc., advanced production technology, reasonable prices, quality assurance, welcome to consult and buy!

  • How to deal with aging Raymond MillDateFri Jun 01, 2018 4:41 am

    Raymond Mill is a common milling equipment. Once the milling equipment is used for a long time, Raymond's mill parts will fail and the entire raymond mill will age. What should we do at this time?
    After aging, Raymond Mill equipment can be repaired, replaced, updated and improved repairs and other methods to compensate.
    The tangible ageing that can be eliminated can be compensated by repairs to restore its functionality, especially in the Raymond Mill foundation parts, which contain most of the value and cannot be easily discarded; for tangible aging that cannot be eliminated, maintenance has no meaning. , must be replaced in order to compensate; if the tangible aging has reached a considerable extent, and its intangible aging period has not yet arrived, it usually requires major repair; if the tangible aging overhaul costs have exceeded the original value. Or solid at the same time Ding first intangible aging, overhaul costs exceed the reproduction price, can be replaced; when tangible and intangible aging exist at the same time, it should be updated with high efficiency Raymond Mill equipment to replace the old Ray Milling equipment; In the presence of fully tangible aging, some of the x-th intangible ageing has occurred, and improved repairs should be used.
    Therefore, in accordance with the parts wear and consumption law, replacement cycle, to develop a maintenance plan, in accordance with the production plan and maintenance plan, according to spare parts reserve, reserve a sufficient number of vulnerable spare parts to achieve planned maintenance and condition monitoring and maintenance.
    (1) minor repairs. The minor repair period is generally January, but it also includes bad repairs. The contents of minor repairs mainly include inspection, cleaning and oil change of oil pumps, oil filters, and lubrication lines; inspection, replacement, or tightening of tight parts of various parts; inspection and recording of Raymond Mill's large and small gears, recording of wear, meshing clearance Measure and repair the worn gears; check whether the concentricity of the coupling changes, the elastic pad and the plunger wear, and replace according to the wear condition; open the manhole cover and enter the raymond mill, check The wear of the cylinder liner, grid plate, wedge iron and end cap liner was changed as appropriate; the filling rate of grinding medium was measured.
    (2) repair. In addition to all the minor repairs, Chinese repairs mainly include the major cleaning and adjustment of various parts of the equipment and the replacement of a large number of vulnerable parts. In addition to minor repairs, the specific inspection targets should be checked and replaced with Raymond Mill inlet and outlet pipe bushings, feed pipes, and gear repairs. The repair period is 4-6 months, and some are one year.
    (3) Major repairs. In addition to all the minor repairs and minor repairs, the overhaul focuses on the repair and replacement of the main components of Raymond Mill.
    Therefore, after Raymond Mill's aging, we must according to the specific circumstances, the replacement must be replaced, the maintenance of the repair, so that after the aging Raymond mill to remedy.

  • Dust problem, in the dry ultrafine mill, there are more or less dust problems, feed port, discharge port and the fan seal, due to the fine powder size, can easily fly out from a bad seal. The solution is to use a negative pressure system as far as possible, using good crushing equipment with fine sealing and fine grading equipment. If necessary, install a dust removal system in the crushing workshop to ensure the clean production of the workshop. This is a problem for pigments, dyes, fiber powders and poisons. Powder is extremely important.
    Ultra-fine grinding, there are some vibration and noise, especially for vibration mill, ball mill, noise up to 120dB, if necessary, set up a special isolation box or isolation room, isolation grinding equipment. Some low-noise ultra fine grinding mills have been developed, such as tower mills, agitator mills, etc., which can be used preferentially. However, the ultra-fine grinding environment is harsh, and different industry requirements are not the same. In industries such as mining, refractory materials, and coal industries, the conditions are relatively poor, and there is a need for cleanliness in the pharmaceutical and food industries. In any case, reducing noise is imperative.
    Superfine wet comminution, regardless of the process used, especially fine ceramics, powder metallurgy, inorganic non-metallic materials and other industries, the application of water, oil or alcohol can be recycled. This requires the filtration of water or oil after dehydration (or oil), and it can be recycled in applications where it is ensured that the raw materials are not contaminated.
    Ultrafine grinding is a unit operation in many industrial productions, and environmental protection issues should be comprehensively considered in specific working conditions.

  • Where does Raymond noise come from?DateWed May 30, 2018 6:41 am

    Raymond Machine is an ultra-fine grinding device for ore grinding by rolling mill with suspended roller. It can be fed into powder once at a time. The noise of raymond mill is very small during normal production and operation. When Raymond machines are noisy, they should check which parts have problems. After the Raymond machine is installed and commissioned, in addition to adding oil once a day, the screws are tightened again for a few days to ensure stable operation of the equipment. When feeding, be sure not to cause the Raymond machine equipment to be evenly blocked. If the working chamber is blocked, first stop the feeding. Use the wind force of the fan to see if the material can be blown out. If you can't blow it out, you should observe the host below. Open the door or open the large observation door to clear some of the material and then turn it on again. Usually when you are refueling, you should observe a lot to see if there are screws or iron pieces in the host. If there is timely cleaning out, the presence of screw iron pieces will also appear very loud. Raymond noise may also be the fan is not fixed, check the looseness of the screw, the fan if you replace the fan must be re-corrected dynamic balance and static balance to ensure the stability of the fan operation. The problem of noise in Raymond's machine is actually a very good solution. First, determine where the noise comes from, and then identify the problem one by one and give it a solution. Normally, it is necessary to observe more during maintenance and refueling. The maintenance should be done for a period of time. The fixing and fixing can ensure the continuous and stable operation of the equipment without any breakdown. It is like to treat your equipment like a car. It is for you to make money. Yes, we must understand and understand the truth, and we can usually pay more attention to it.

  • The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Lime and limestone are used extensively as building materials and are also important raw materials for many industries. Limestone can be directly processed into stone and burned into quicklime. Lime has quicklime and hydrated lime. The main component of quicklime is CaO, which is generally blocky, pure white, and pale gray or pale yellow when containing impurities. Lime absorbs moisture or adds water to become slaked lime. Slaked lime is also called ripe lime. Its main component is Ca(OH)2. The hydrated lime is formulated with lime slurry, lime paste, lime mortar, etc., and used as a coating material and a tile adhesive. Limestone is an extremely valuable resource. Limestone is a trade name for limestone as a mineral raw material. Limestone is widely used in the history of human civilization because of its wide distribution and easy accessibility in the natural world.
    The wide-spread use of limestone focuses on the efficiency and quality of Ore Milling Equipment. As the largest milling machine production base in China, Shanghai Keli Rike Machinery Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the upgrading of the milling machine, because Shanghai Kelilik company has a strong R & D department and elite personnel, through continuous development And enterprising, has successfully developed a variety of models, fashionable and affordable new generation of Ore Milling Equipment products, and mine crusher series of equipment and other equipment to meet different customer requirements, quality product quality and efficient after-sales service, The customers all praised.

  • Raymond Mill is a kind of grinding equipment imported from abroad. The raymond mill is widely used in non-inflammable and explosive mining, chemical, metallurgy and building materials with Mohs hardness of less than 8 and humidity below 6%. High-precision milling of more than 320 kinds of materials in industries (barite, calcite, limestone, potash feldspar, dolomite, glass, gypsum, insulation materials, etc.), and the finished product particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 80-480 mesh. Fine up to 600 mesh. Viewed from the outside, it looks like a steel container standing upright, with inlets and outlets, and a feed inlet in the middle. The appearance is similar to the MPS grinding. The Raymond Grinding Roller swivel centerline is upright, and the MPS Grinding Roller swivel centerline is approximately horizontal. The lower part of the mill has a motor to drive the internal grinding roller and the disc to rotate. The material to be ground will be ground or ground. The finished material will be blown through the air from the air inlet. The upper part of the mill has a separator, which can separate the fine powder and then pass through the mill. The wind of the aircraft is taken out by the air outlet.
    The product adopts the advanced structure of similar foreign products and is updated and improved on the basis of large Raymond Mill. The equipment is more efficient than the ball mill, lower power consumption, smaller floor space, and less investment at one time. The grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, so when the grinding roller and the grinding ring are worn to a certain thickness, the production and fineness of the finished product are not affected. The long replacement cycle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring eliminates the shortcomings of short replacement cycles of the consumable parts of the centrifugal crusher.
    The wind-selecting air flow of this machine is circulated and flowed in the fan-grinding shell- cyclone separator-fan, so it has less dust than the high-speed centrifugal crusher, and the operation workshop is clean and the environment is free of pollution.

  • Raymond Mill is a kind of grinding equipment imported from abroad. The raymond mill is widely used in non-inflammable and explosive mining, chemical, metallurgy and building materials with Mohs hardness of less than 8 and humidity below 6%. High-precision milling of more than 320 kinds of materials in industries (barite, calcite, limestone, potash feldspar, dolomite, glass, gypsum, insulation materials, etc.), and the finished product particle size can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range of 80-480 mesh. Fine up to 600 mesh. Viewed from the outside, it looks like a steel container standing upright, with inlets and outlets, and a feed inlet in the middle. The appearance is similar to the MPS grinding. The Raymond Grinding Roller swivel centerline is upright, and the MPS Grinding Roller swivel centerline is approximately horizontal. The lower part of the mill has a motor to drive the internal grinding roller and the disc to rotate. The material to be ground will be ground or ground. The finished material will be blown through the air from the air inlet. The upper part of the mill has a separator, which can separate the fine powder and then pass through the mill. The wind of the aircraft is taken out by the air outlet.
    The product adopts the advanced structure of similar foreign products and is updated and improved on the basis of large Raymond Mill. The equipment is more efficient than the ball mill, lower power consumption, smaller floor space, and less investment at one time. The grinding roller is tightly pressed on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, so when the grinding roller and the grinding ring are worn to a certain thickness, the production and fineness of the finished product are not affected. The long replacement cycle of the grinding roller and the grinding ring eliminates the shortcomings of short replacement cycles of the consumable parts of the centrifugal crusher.
    The wind-selecting air flow of this machine is circulated and flowed in the fan-grinding shell- cyclone separator-fan, so it has less dust than the high-speed centrifugal crusher, and the operation workshop is clean and the environment is free of pollution.

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